WordPress WYSIWYG Editor "Nofollow Links" Plug-In

Stompernet member Jim MacKay has come up with a neat little plug-in to allow nofollow on individual links in WordPress posts. In the WYSIWYG editor for posts, it adds a checkbox to the dialog box on the “insert link” button. There are other ways to do this, but Jim’s plug-in looks like a nice time saver for those who frequently link to sites that don’t deserve any link love.

Now that Semiologic is once again stable and great (serious credit to Denis & the new team for an excellent job), I’ll be testing Jim’s plugin a bit. If you try it out, I’d like to hear your comments here as well.

7 thoughts on “WordPress WYSIWYG Editor "Nofollow Links" Plug-In

  1. Michele, this plug-in is for managing links in blog posts, not in comments. There are plenty of reasons why we would want to create links with nofollow in posts – you can already do this without the plug-in. The point of the plug-in is to make it easier.

    Nofollow on comments isn’t about having a scarcity mindset, it’s about deterring spam. I would hope the point of your comments was to participate and contribute to the community, and help people find you. Right?

  2. I just started a new Website for my new Network Marketing Health Product, Enlyten

    As any new site, I need links in and out. My concern is when I am linking out, do I need to be concerned with folks who use rel=”nofollow”. And will that really help them to get credit for the out link, but does not delute the pagerank?

    How do I now if they are using the plug in?

    Brian Fitzgerald

  3. After installing this I couldn’t find the check box that is supposed to be in TinyMCEAdvanced. I even tried installing, deactivating, and then re-installing it again and still couldn’t find that nofollow check box you say is supposed to be there. I’m using WP 2.9.1. If I already had TinyMCEAdvanced installed, shouldn’t the check box appear on there somewhere after I activate the nofollow plugin? Or was I supposed to install the version of TinyMCE Advanced that was included with the plugin? I contacted the developer but haven’t heard back from him yet. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

    Thank you very much.

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