Welcome To The SEO Fast Start Portal!

Well, folks… our long wait is over. SEO Fast Start 2007 is officially released.

I’ve been anxious to give it to you, but it’s been important to make sure that we have all the little details taken care of beforehand. I hope you’ll agree that it was worth the wait.

This portal is for you to ask questions and give feedback. It’s here so that I can keep you up to date, and create the kind of community that you want. So don’t be shy, jump in. Every category (to the right) has a post already started for you to add questions and give feedback.

The first time you post, it will go into a queue for moderation. Once I have approved one of your posts, the rest will not require approval unless you do something crazy like post links to your Texas Holdem site or something. So please, respect the community, and let’s stick to the subject at hand.



13 thoughts on “Welcome To The SEO Fast Start Portal!

  1. Thanks Dan for a really excellent report, this “join the dots” scheme for website optimization is going to make the whole process so much easier. The new portal and videos sound great too, can’t wait to get them too!

  2. Hi Dan. I have just begun reading the fast start and I love not only the content but also your writing style.

    Lets face it. If a writer doesn’t keep your interest you clock off.

    Well you have an exceedingly clear , friendly and conversational style that I love.

    My hat’s off to you for developing such a long term sustainable informative SEO bible.

    Andrew Blachut

  3. Just started the book, some great stuff that I’ll be looking to rethink my SEO. I would recommend it to anyone who is doing Internet marketing.

  4. Thanks for all your kind words, folks. Don’t be afraid to dive into the categories (on the right) and ask questions as they come up.

  5. Dan,

    Although I am a “rookie” webmaster from Holland I just want to drop in and let you know I’ve begun reading your book and couldn’t stop…. You just robbed me from a good night’s sleep…

    Probably not the right place to ask, but I give it a go anyway.
    I have a website (www.testjezelf.nu) built around Joomla and Virtuemart. On this site I use a Joomla module (Product Scroller) of which I am no longer sure it will do me any good or even bad after reading your book. Any comment on this would be highly appreciated!

    Kind regards,
    Rob Nengerman

  6. Hi Rob, I could use a little help:

    1) Please post a URL where this is in use
    2) Let me know what it’s doing so I can find it in the source code


  7. Dan,

    It is a module wich is displayed on every single page on the site. I am bit worried it might distress the googlebot from the real content of the product page eg: http://www.testjezelf.nu/ovulatietesten/ovulatietest.html This is a page explaining the Ovulation test we are selling, but seen through the eyes of the googlebot (because the product scroller (on the left of the screen) is producing a lot of code with links and anchors etc.) I wonder if the real content on this page would be “underrated”.

    Kind regards,

    ps. The scroller does nothing more than scroll through our items on sell, display a miniature picture, description and link to the product page. You will see what I mean when you look at the source code (perhaps using firefox, that would be easier or else F5 and while the page is reloading, right mouse button in IE for source code).

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