Up For A SEMMY or Five – Guess I Should Write More…

Ed McMahon didn’t show up at my door or anything, actually I found out via a trackback from some splog that copied their site, but apparently five of my blog posts from 2007 are candidates for a "SEMMY" award. What’s are SEMMYs?

Well, SEMMYs are the brainchild of Matt McGee of Small Business SEM, who pulled together an all-star panel of judges to help with the project. I’ve been nominated in several categories, including "Best Rant." (Shocking, I know…)

2008 SEMMY NomineeApparently there will be some kind of public voting, once the judges have named the finalists in each category. Unlike some of the other candidates, I am going to hold off on saying anything terribly offensive about Vanessa Fox being a really hot babe, but not as hot as Jennifer-With-The-Double-Entendre-Name, and stuff like that. Nope, I’m gonna behave myself. This isn’t the Beavis-n-Butthead blog.

Some folks have complained that the process for selecting candidates wasn’t fair, and that’s probably a fair assessment, since it doesn’t look like they had a whole lot of time to construct an elaborate double-blind public-nomination system. You can complain about anything. What I do know is that they put together a nice reading list for me, and for that I am grateful.

Think of it as the "Cliff’s Notes" version of the SEM blogosphere for 2007. If you’d like to  read the posts that were nominated from this blog, here they are:

That’s about half of my "serious" posts from 2007. Maybe I should write stuff more often.

6 thoughts on “Up For A SEMMY or Five – Guess I Should Write More…

  1. Dan:

    First of all, good luck. For all of your contributions to SEO, you definitely have my vote. Particularly with the Google Proxy Hacking Post, it was such a controversial topic, yet exposing such an impending loophole in a flawed programming error was necessary, thanks again and by all means keep writing, we miss the good stuff.

  2. Thank you!

    I have been torn between the advice I get (write every day) and the writer’s voice in my head that tells me not to write just to put a post out.

    None of the nominated posts was written in a single day. One of them took a couple months (Google Proxy Hacking), mostly because I wasn’t sure if hitting the Publish button was a good idea.

    I just hired an editor though – she’ll work with me to put together a weekly post of the best articles & blog posts I’ve found on the web during the week.

  3. Hi Dan, I haven’t been able to find the answer you promised to this –

    “Is the weight of anchor text weighted differently based on the PageRank of the linking document, the amount of PageRank flowing through the link, etc.?”

    Good work over the past year, keep it up :)

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