(some of the) best posts from last week

This week, we’re starting something new!

Introduction from Dan Thies:
This week, we’re kicking off something new. My evil apprentice, PJ, has been assigned to scour the web for the most interesting articles & posts each week.

You won’t find industry gossip or merger & acquisition news in here. As much as possible, we’re trying to pick out a few useful and informative things that you may have missed I would have missed some of these myself if "Da Peej" hadn’t found them for me.

Please enjoy, and let us know what you think of this as a regular feature.

What we’re reading this week:

5 Lesser Known Google Analytics Features by Thomas McMahon

Online Reputation Management for Individuals by Lee Odden

28 Ways to Make Money with Your Website by Daniel Scocco

Internet Marketing Strategy: A Step-by-Step Diagram by Ian Lurie

How to SEO Your Site in Less Than 120 Minutes by Brendan Picha

A series from Matt McGee: A Guide to Social Marketing on Yahoo! Answers

Part One: What Is Yahoo! Answers?

Part Two: Why Use Yahoo! Answers

Part Three: How To Use Yahoo! Answers

Finally, our favorite LOLCat of the Week:

We originally planned to make this an "all business" weekly post… but Dan has become obsessed with LOLCats. In the hope that this is a short-lived feature, we present the LOLCat of the Week:

funny pictures
moar humorous pics

What were your favorites? Did we miss any? Let us know!

 If there are any posts you think *we* might have missed, please feel free to let fly in the comments. Pathetic link spammers, be advised that comments are moderated.

5 thoughts on “(some of the) best posts from last week

  1. Thanks, Lee.

    I’ll add a bit more editorial commentary to it next week. PJ was strugglin’ with WordPress & WYSIWYG this time and I didn’t want my Monday feature to get posted on Tuesday. My publishing “schedule” is weak enough already. :D

  2. “What we’re reading this week” is also being done by a couple of other blogs. It’s a feature I really like and look forward to, because I damn well can’t find all the good stuff myself! I’d expect it to up your readership – really – once the word gets out…

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