Slight delay in SEOFS 2008 Release

Got an email this morning to let me know that my son has won an award @ school*. Hooray! But the award ceremony is tonight – nice of them to let me know so far in advance. Anyway…

Because I am not finished with my final read-through, and I insist on doing that before I publish… The release of the 2008 edition will be put off until tomorrow morning, instead of tonight. I’m sure we’ll all survive an extra few hours without it.

The big burning question is: should you read the 2008 edition, if you’ve already read the 2007 edition? The answer is, it’s up to you. But there’s no rush.

The only changes that I consider significant are in the chapters on Site Structure (which I think is better written now) and link building (where there are some new opportunities worthy of discussion). Oh, and if you didn’t grok the Keyword Strategy chapter, give it another try with the 2008 edition, I did a minor rewrite on that.

Your site will not burn to the ground if you continue to rely on the advice I gave in the 2007 edition. In spite of what you may have heard, SEO just doesn’t change that fast.

*If this turns out to be a ‘punctuality’ award or something like that, I will feel seriously cheated. I want him to be "bad-ass of the year" or something, at least…

2 thoughts on “Slight delay in SEOFS 2008 Release

  1. Hi Guys. After what little money I have, waisted on SEO snake oil from (milked me for every penny) and after reading your info, I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. I have read the SEOFS guide but still need a little more knowledge of technically getting into my website to add the internal links. I just don’t know how to actually do that. Can someone give me any ideas on where to get that info please? My site is pretty knew and I think I have a very good base to try your approach. I am confident it should work if I follow your ideas. Thanks much.


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