Shoemoney Is NOT afraid to tell you what he really thinks…

Along the lines of today’s post… not all marketers are afraid to tell you what they really think. Shoemoney is a no-BS kinda guy. That’s why we like him… in this post, he answers the question, "can I get rich overnight?" Yeah. Good luck with that.

One thought on “Shoemoney Is NOT afraid to tell you what he really thinks…

  1. There is a lot of truth in what Shoemoney is saying.

    I think going to the gym and winnning at the internet is a good parallel. I think most can relate to this :)

    If you have a gym membership and only show up once a month, you’ll probably find that each month, you’ll see many of the same faces. RIGHT? If you get really ambitious and start showing up once a week, again, you’ll see many of the same faces. So is winning at the internet about showing up? Well maybe.

    We have always been told at seminars, that half of the battle for success is to show up. But that is only partly true! Actually, it’s mostly wrong! You need to show up OFTEN and when you do, you need to recognize if your actually making good use of your time. If your not absorbing the information that is given to you, then your setting yourself up to fail.

    My point is this: To succeed at the SEO/SEM game, it’s kind of like succeeding at the gym. It’s showing up often. It’s the natural progression of doing a whole lot of things right… at the same time, along with proper training, implementation, and a desire to stay the path.


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