SEO Fast Start Live – June 25 & 26: Maximizing Search ROI

SEO Fast Start Live: Maximizing Search ROI
Presented by Dan Thies

June 25-26, 2008 – Addison, TX (Dallas / Fort Worth Area)

Okay, folks… it’s on! The only question remaining is… will you be there for this one-of-a-kind event?

This is not your usual SEO training or conference…

If you want the basics of SEO, read my book. If you want to get more out of your paid and organic search efforts, I hope you’ll be able to attend.

During this intensive 2-day training, we will discuss how SEO and PPC fit into the larger picture of your business… how to develop better strategies, tactics, and processes to maximize your return on investment from search engine marketing.

Topics will include:

  • The “Fast Start” planning process
  • Why “branding” is not a waste of time… Seriously!
  • Keyword strategy & positioning tactics
  • Content development and relationship marketing
  • “Beyond the basics” strategies & tactics for Adwords advertisers
  • Copywriting for Titles & Descriptions – selling the click
  • Marketing, promotion, and link building that pays you back
  • Social media strategies for traffic & links
  • Lots of time for Q&A

A more formal agenda will be released in a couple weeks, as I get confirmation from speakers etc. If you don’t know me well enough to trust that this event will be worth your time, I’m sorry – maybe there will be a few spots open when you’re ready to decide.

For everyone else, I have a very special offer:

Early Bird Price – Just $97 per Person!
(Available for a limited time only.)

This is a limited time offer – the price will go up has gone up to $297 per seat.

Space is limited, and I fully expect this event to sell out. Once we’ve sold all the seats, we’re sold out… I will not be able to get more space, nor do I want to offer a training to hundreds of people all at once.

I hope to see you there…

Click here to reserve your spot @ $297!

(You will be taken off site to register, and returned to this page)

The venue is the Crowne Plaza – Galleria/Addison, in Addison TX, about 2- minutes from DFW or Love Field airports. If you sign up, wait until next week – we’ll get you details on the discount rate for the rooms then.


Dan Thies

PS – Feel free to post questions below – I’ll do my best to answer everyone.

29 thoughts on “SEO Fast Start Live – June 25 & 26: Maximizing Search ROI

  1. Hi Dan,

    Will be recording it?

    It’s a bit too short a notice to plan a trip to the US. The jet-lag from Aust is terrible and a trip 2 day trip to the US takes about 9-11 days.

    I’ll gladly pay for the recording now.

    Thanks for reading and I look forward to your comments. Hopefully you’ll be recording it.

  2. Hi Dan,

    I’m also very interested in the live session. Unfortunately I can’t make it to the actual session because I’m working in Holland at the moment. Is it possible to get a recording or to see the entire session online?

    If so, do I need to reserve my place for the session anyway?


  3. Hi Dan,

    I am excited to meet you. I have been an avid reader of your blog and Stomper content for the last 6 months. I just can’t get enough of your advice.

  4. Signed up and about to book flights, waiting on hotel info. The posted rates are very fair at $130 / night.

    Any idea on the size, expected attendance? What is agenda, should I book from 9am-6pm for each day?

    Thanks, see you in a month!

  5. Hello Dan,

    I noticed that you mentioned a more-detailed agenda later. However, in order to plan travel (airline flights, hotel, etc), could you at least provide an approximate start time on day one and an end time for two day? (Bascially, I would like to know if I will have even time to fly in the morning of June 25 and fly out the night of June 26.)

  6. I’d love to come along but I’m based in the UK & it’s rather impractical to get there. Have you considered recording the course using a video camera or audio equipment – I’d happily pay for the ability to look & listen in?

  7. Checking in about dates:

    Above you say: “This is a limited time offer – the price will go up to $297 on Wednesday, May 25th, as soon as I get out of bed.”

    May 25th is Sunday, and today is Wednesday, so I’m not sure if the discount ends today or Sunday.

    Then, just to be sure, the dates in June you have listed (25, 26) are a Wednesday and Thursday. Is that correct?


  8. Wow, David – I really need to get more rest.

    Yes, the dates in June are correct. Wednesday and Thursday, June 25 & 26.

    The date of today was incorrect. Since we’re only about half full I’ll just extend the ‘early bird’ offer until next Wednesday, so nobody can possibly have been confused.

    That way, we’ll also be able to send out an agenda for those who need one to justify the trip to the boss.

  9. Dan,

    I’ve been reviewing your SEO Fast Start book and your link building video series. I’m curious how much more additional info you anticipate we’ll gain at the live seminar? Beyond what these two resources already teach?

    Thank you for your time. Everything I’ve studies so far from SEO Fast Start has been outstanding!


  10. “This is a limited time offer – the price will go up to $297 on Wednesday, May 25th 28th, as soon as I get out of bed.”

    It is 9:45 pm central time on Wednesday, May 28 and the price is still $97. Gee, Dan, you must be a late sleeper. :)

    Actually, I was wondering if you have any details yet on the hotel room discount.

  11. Hey Keith, I’m finishing up the agenda and I want to post that before I raise the price. Just got behind on stuff – not sleeping late, just family stuff this week that I gotta deal with. I’ll send the agenda out tomorrow and give everyone a chance to get the discounted price.

    The hotel discount should be final on Monday or Tuesday, when we get the contract signed. I think it’s gonna be $119 a night.


  12. I was just kidding about the “sleeping.”

    Thanks for the info about the agenda and the hotel discount. I’ll keep my eye out for more on both.

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