Step 1: Mapping Out Keyword Strategy


From SEO Fast Start 2007, Chapter 3: “In the first step of the ‘Fast Start’ process, you will uncover the most important search terms used by your target audience, organize them into thematic ‘clusters,’ and create a ‘keyword map’ for your web site.”

Sounds easy enough, doesn’t it? Sure it does – now here’s the “good news and bad news:”

Actually, keyword research and strategy is the most challenging aspect of search engine optimization. Luckily for you, your guide to this maze is none other than Dan Thies, the “keyword guru,” who has done more to advance the art and science of keyword strategy than anyone else alive.

While the rest of the SEO world was worrying about “KEI,” Dan was mapping out a different strategy… a strategy designed to reach out into the search engines, find the most eager members of the target audience, and drive them to the best landing page on your site.

Why does keyword strategy matter? Because successful SEO isn’t about rankings, it’s about getting real results for your business. As long as people type words into search engines, your keyword strategy will largely determine how successful you are.

Why should you read SEO Fast Start? Because it was written, from the start, with real world businesses in mind. We’re also offering a nice…

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Detailed Process Map for Step One – Keyword Strategy:


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