Step 6: Refining Your Strategy


From SEO Fast Start 2007, Chapter 8: "The sixth and ‘final’step in the SEO Fast Start process is a time of reflection, when you analyze the results and formulate a plan of action for the next cycle."

You didn’t think you were all done, did you? Search engine optimization is, from a certain perspective, just another exercise in strategic business planning. And like all business planning, it goes in cycles.

We begin by assessing the current situation, doing a little research. Maybe a little keyword research even. Then we set some goals, establish a plan, carry out our plan, and measure the results. Once we’ve done that, the cycle is completed, and we begin again… which is what you’re doing in this step of the SEO Fast Start process.


Why should you care about strategic planning? Don’t even make me answer that… seriously. You do it because whatever you’re doing, and no matter what the results were, you want to get better next time. Planning is how you do that.

Why should you read SEO Fast Start? Because it’s the only book we know of that will take you this far, and help you map out your strategy for the next cycle.

Detailed Process Map for Step Six – Refining Strategy:


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