Step 3: Develop & Optimize Web Pages


From SEO Fast Start 2007, Chapter 5: "These days, you really just need to know the basics of on page optimization… The system I use to optimize web pages is really very simple, and the work should proceed fairly quickly, if you’ve done a good job of organizing your site and selecting keywords."

Thus begins the least controversial chapter of SEO Fast Start. These days, just about any SEO expert will tell you that on page optimization is the easiest part of doing SEO.

For something so easy, a lot of people sure seem to get it wrong. Fortunately, in SEO Fast Start, everything is laid out for you step by step… so you don’t miss anything important.

Why should you care about optimizing content? In the SEO Fast Start system, optimizing content covers a lot of ground, from using "keyword modifiers" in your copy to broaden the exposure your pages get, to creating unique content and avoiding some of the duplicate content "gotchas" that can prevent you from getting the most out of your SEO campaigns.

Why should you read SEO Fast Start? Because the system we use is so simple, you could literally teach a monkey to do it. OK… you’d probably have to teach the monkey to read, write, and operate a computer first, but once you did, you could give the monkey this book and it would be all downhill from there. (How you motivate the monkey is up to you.)

Detailed Process Map for Step Three – Optimizing Content:


If you have questions about any stage in this process, please visit the On Page SEO Q&A page.