Step 4: Link Building & Promotion


From SEO Fast Start 2007, Chapter 6: "If you’ve read anything about SEO, you know by now that link building is extremely important… Link building has become a discipline unto itself… A lot of (marketing) activities also create links… if you can do enough of them you may not need to do anything else to build links."

Because link building is so important to SEO, there’s no shortage of scams and schemes out there waiting to lighten your wallet and (in some cases) leave you in worse shape than when you started.

Into this swirling storm of chaos and confusion steps SEO Fast Start author Dan Thies… a man who could care less about what these scammers and schemers think of him… because he has seen it all in his day, and what’s more, he knows that you don’t need any of what they’re selling to get the links you need for your web site. All you need is the right plan.


Dan Thies here… OK, maybe that’s a little too dramatic… but seriously, folks… I’ve taught thousands of people how to get links naturally, without falling prey to the hustlers and sharks who just want to take your money. Sometimes, it’s OK to buy a link (the Yahoo directory comes to mind) but it’s rarely necessary. There are better ways – in fact, a lot of the ways that I get links are things that actually turn a profit on their own!

Why should you care about link building? Link analysis is central to the way that search engines operate – they can’t even find you, much less give you good rankings, if there aren’t any links pointing to your site. A more important question is whether the links you get will help you, or hurt you… and whether you’re setting yourself up for failure by creating an ever-increasing monthly "link rental bill."

Why should you read SEO Fast Start? Because it will show you how the search engines themselves look at links, how you can leverage your existing assets and other marketing efforts to create more links, and spare you from the horrible prospect of losing your rankings when you forget to pay the link bill one time. What’s more, you get a free…

Subscriber bonus! Dan held 3 live "link building clinics" last year, and we’ve captured the best of those sessions in a six-week video training course.  Attendees paid hundreds of dollars to join these live webinars, but you get to see and hear it all for free… if you are a registered subscriber. Registration is free, the book is free, the link building course is free. Why not join us today?

Detailed Process Map for Step Four – Link Building & Promotion:


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