About Dan Thies

Dan ThiesDan Thies has been helping his clients (and friends) promote their businesses online since Netscape was a start-up. He is the author and publisher of the top-selling e-book “Search Engine Optimization Fast Start,” which has been continuously published through a dozen updates, since November 2001.

In 2005, Dan wrote the Search Marketing Kit for Sitepoint publishing, and was a co-author on the second edition of that book, published in 2007.

Dan’s early contributions to SEO include applying a higher level of discipline and analytics to keyword strategy – beginning with a series of lectures on the subject, and leading to one of his many nicknames in the community… “the Keyword Guru.” Dan launched SEO Research Labs in early 2003, providing outsourced keyword research services to SEO consultants.

Dan was an early pioneer in online video marketing and video training, teaching live classes over the Internet as early as 2002, and expanding his offerings to include not just SEO, but PPC, link building, and marketing programs for web designers and consultants.

Since 2009, Dan has been offering online training and coaching with his business partner Leslie Rohde, via the SEO Braintrust. The SEO Braintrust offers world-class training on SEO, Link Building, Pay Per Click Advertising, and all facets of online marketing and business development.

Dan’s innovative “Link Liberation” training program (launched in 2009) combines social marketing with product launches, event marketing, public relations, and content distribution; to liberate SEOs from the old and increasingly ineffective methods of gaining links for their web sites.

Dan is a frequent speaker at events related to online marketing and business development.

He lives in the mighty metropolis of Frisco, Texas, with his wife, son, dogs, and the World’s Greatest Cat.

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