Dan Thies Releases 2008 Edition of SEO Fast Start

Only 12 hours late – not bad for something I had a whole year to work on…

If you haven’t read the 2007 edition, because you’ve been waiting for this, now is the time, and yes it’s still free. If you’ve already read the 2007 edition, don’t get too excited, because not very much has changed. Download here.

Sorry if you were expecting something radically different, but the point of the "fast start" system is that it doesn’t have to change all the time. I can’t reinvent SEO again, unless something big happens.

As I told someone the other day, the only thing that seems to never change in SEO is the persistent myth that the search engines "change the rules" all the time.

There are minor rewrites on Keyword Strategy, some more detailed advice for Site Structure, a little bit in Link Building, and a few other notes of newness here and there.

A big thanks to all of my readers for your help and support over the past year and change. In case you’re wondering, PPC Fast Start is still on track for June 1 release… check out my video on Adwords if you want a sense of how "different" it’s going to be.

SEO Fast Start Live Training June 25 & 26:

The first "SEO Fast Start Live" training is all set, for June 25 & 26 in the Dallas / Ft. Worth area. Addison, TX to be specific. The Crowne Plaza. If you want to attend, go grab the early bird discount while there’s still space – it’s just $97 a seat until next Wednesday, so all you have to think about is whether you can get there.

Once I have numbers, we’ll get back to everyone next week on the room discounts. We got a GREAT classroom for this – power hookups for every student so you can use your laptop, etc.

Hope to see you there!

10 thoughts on “Dan Thies Releases 2008 Edition of SEO Fast Start

  1. This is great and much appreciated…

    But you need to share with us (gloat) on your son’s award ceremony last night!


  2. LOL, Leo!

    Jordan won an award for “Excellence in Reading.” That happened about 6 minutes into the award ceremony. Then we spent the next two and a half hours clapping.

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  4. Dan – I wanted to personally thank you for the StomperNet video you created covering the Adwords triangulation method. I implemented the strategies for a client, including your awesome explanation of embedded match, and the client literally received 4 large potential deal calls within 24 hours. All this for 16 bucks worth of PPC.
    Sometimes there is a free lunch!

  5. That’s awesome, Christine! Thanks for sharing this… one of the goals of those videos is to give our prospective clients “results in advance” and it sounds like you really knocked it out!

  6. Dan,
    I loved the adwords triangulation method video. This free book is absolutely outstanding as well. I actually just sat here and read the entire thing! What a great reference to have. I am really looking forward to watching all of the link building videos.

    Thanks for all the free help!

  7. Dan

    Thanks for SEO Fast Start 2008…brilliant stuff….but what of PPC Fast Start? When can we expect this as you suggest a November 2007 release…did I miss it?

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