SEO Fast Start – 2009 Edition Released!

After many edits, re-edits, changes, un-changing the changes, well… you get the idea… I am happy to present the 2009 edition of SEO Fast Start – grab it from the download page!

Minor changes in the Keyword Strategy chapter. Significant updates in the Site Structure chapter.

I will be doing a free webinar this Wednesday evening to discuss the changes – get on the SEO Fast Start newsletter/mailing list to get an invite.

Thanks for reading!


28 thoughts on “SEO Fast Start – 2009 Edition Released!

  1. I had a chance to read through Dan’s SEO Fast Start guide, and I was very impressed. I haven’t found a more thorough and comprehensive SEO guide as this one. Well worth the money :-) and the time it takes to thoroughly read it. I recommend it to many of our clients wanting to gain higher search engine ranking, (along with our link building services, of course).

  2. I’ve only had time so far for a quick skim between jobs, but have found a stack of glittering gems that will keep me busy for several hours over the next few days. Can’t bring myself to just “take” this valuable report without at least extending an appreciative big THANKS!

  3. Thanks Dan! Awesome stuff! We make all of our job applicants download and send us a summary of what they learned from reading your SEO guide before we even consider scheduling the first interview with them. Thanks so much!


  4. Hey Dan,
    As someone who reads everything on your blog and also your e-books, I was just curious to know, how different is this version compared to SEOFS2007 and SEOFS2008.

  5. Hey Dan,

    I got your notification email about the latest version of SEO Fast Start from being on your Link Liberation list. In that email you said that there isn’t any “opt in or anything”.

    But upon coming here, obviously there is an opt in process. I don’t mind opting in but I believe you care about whether there is coherence between what you say and what you do.

    Thought you should know.


  6. Hi Dan. I accidentally found your site from search engine. Right now I’m learning about SEO. I’ve been blogging for about 4 months. And thank you for the great guide by publishing SEO Fast Start 2008 Edition and I’ve read it. I just read your email notification about SEO Fast Start 2009 Edition. I guess I have your permission to download it. Thanks again Dan.

  7. Dan,
    Thanks so much for the free download… and that “thanks” is more like “from the depths of my soul I am eternally grateful.” Really. :D

    I have the amazing fortune to have reconnected with an old HS friend who, as it turns out, is a gifted sports writer. Content is not the challenge. How to use the archives of his writings is.

    We have put a couple of hosted wordpress blogs together: One for the current sports commentary and one for the fantasy sports writing he’s done.

    We have a lot of archives.

    My question is, (and I did read the book, albeit over two nights, but couldn’t extrapolate “the best” way to deal with this) for pagerank considerations, should I post the archive articles as their own pages, or should I enter them as blog entries and back-date them? I could easily generate a few hundred pages of completely unique and well written content by pasting these articles into text boxes on their own pages. I can’t tell how the search engines treat posts vs. pages.

    In the book you mention “judicious” use of links from a blog to other pages on the site. If weekly blog articles have something to say about content on several of the other pages of the site, is it harmful to link to all relevant pages? Is there a numerical limit?

    Ok, make that three questions… (give me the comfy chair!)


  8. Dan,

    Simply put, SEOFS2009 is the most well-written, actionable (and dare I say brilliant) SEO guide I have read. This is precisely why you are hands down the “best teacher” within StomperNet. Ok, Jerry West gets a close second. :-0

    What I personally appreciate is your having chosen to ride “on” the Google bus instead of frantically running out in front trying to dodge their bumper with a never-ending array of short-term tricks and tactics. You offer real strategic advice instead of useless opportunistic crap.

    You are truly a diamond in an industry full of pebbles.

    Best wishes,

  9. G’day from Sydney, Australia.

    I am 58, and looking at retirement, but with ”something to do”. So, I decided to become a student of internet marketing, and embark on an Internet Marketing Center course on, um, er, internet marketing.

    I have a website IN PROGRESS, and loving every minute of this ”new world” exploration.

    As a newbie, I have the distinction of ”coming in cold” and not being tainted by wrong habits, which will waste my money and my time.

    I am eternally grateful to David and his exceptional SEO manual, which I am reading for the second time.

    Thank you so much for placing me on the right (and only) track with SEO. I have so much to learn, but I am learning the correct and HONEST way.

    Sandman :)

  10. Great ebook! I’m not new to SEO but I can see I have plenty to learn. Many thanks.

    On p. 73, you mention the “info:URL search in Chapter 4″ but Ch 4 does not say anything about that.

    On p. 43, under the “Global Navigation/Interior Pages” heading, you say “do the following on all interior pages”, but only one bullet point follows (and I don’t fully understand the point itself).

    A few other places like that where there seems to be incomplete information (don’t recall pg numbers though).

    Makes me wonder if some things were taken out of the manual?

  11. Another thing I wonder if you could clarify, on p. 18:
    “Some search engines (like Yahoo) offer a “paid inclusion” program. Although you get no special advantage from using it, in terms of your site’s ranking, it does ensure that your site’s indexing is up to date. This isn’t necessarily a great deal, since it usually involves paying by the click for traffic you may have gotten anyway.”

    Are you referring to Yahoo PPC? Because later you say that for new websites you *always* pay the $299 fee for inclusion in Yahoo’s directory.

  12. Agreed with a previous poster. This seofaststart is very good. I’ve applied the techniques with great results to my site.

    I want to go a step futher. I want to sculp PR using php redirected affiliate links. Please can anyone help me on this matter, especially Dan Thies, if you have time. I don’t konw if this areas has been clarified by google.

    I have quite a few affiliate links on my site. It’s a comparison site of sorts (no dodgey).

    I wanted to use .htaccess a php redirect script and robbort.txt to hide my outbound affiliate links. Will this destroy my site if I use these methods or would this be considered acceptable.

    Some help would really be appreciated.

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