Rand's New SEO Quiz…

Since Rand has included more than a few things that are a matter of opinion, and at least one thing where he is just plain wrong, take it for what it’s worth… it’s fun anyway.

Watch out for #3 and #17, and try to think like Rand. Read #72 carefully, because monitor dyslexia had me all confused on that one.

They had some kind of coding problem on #65 because I have the right answer (even according to Rand!) yet it’s scored as wrong… so if you get 100% you didn’t really… and if you don’t get 100% (I scored 86%) you can just fix the code for your image and make yourself feel better, like this:

SEO Overlord – 100%

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9 thoughts on “Rand's New SEO Quiz…

  1. Hmm… Only 72%. A bit disappointed, I must admit.
    But some “cultural” differences were not taken into account… Like Q12: What is the generally accepted difference between SEO and SEM? Dude, my answer was definitely correct in Australia ;-)
    And I do have my doubts about certain other things… But well, SEO Professional sure fits my current position.

    Great fun though.
    Thanks guys!

  2. I’m not sure if it’s the point, but a lot of these questions are hard to understand and full of double negatives…

    Also how is this:
    #73 Which of the following social media websites is the least popular (as measured by active users & visitors)?

    a SEO question?

  3. Right, Shaun. I’ve given Rand some feedback on the writing. Putting together a 75-question quiz is a lot of work.

    The social media question is interesting, because social marketing can actually be extremely effective in creating awareness and traffic, which leads to links… but that’s more of a blogger question than an SEO question.

    Whether the SEO specialist needs to own the entire marketing effort (offline, social, etc.) is more of an organizational question.

    I think there are probably enough good questions just on SEO to make an SEO quiz that long.

  4. Thanks for bringing that to my attention Dan. Somehow manged to score 95% “Dark Lord”!

    I was wrong with #30, 68,69, 70. I think I was flagging towards the end.

    As for social stuff, I would say that qualifies easily under SEM, as you say from the links it earns.

  5. Thank you Dan for pointing this one out.

    I’ve scored 98% (“Dark Lord” of SEO :)) and generally enjoyed the Quiz.

    I can recall reading some information directly related to some questions from the Quiz in the SEO Fast Start. That helped :)

    I’ve added my “Dark Lord” of SEO badge and some more comments to my blog.

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