Plan B Week 4: Magnet Content Planning

Mapping Out Your Magnet Content

If you missed the first week, go read and watch Plan B: Starting Your Own Information Business first – then week 2 and week 3.

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Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, I’ll release a new module (Week 4 will be released Friday, May 21). Watch the videos. Do the missions. You can discuss it with the rest of the group right here – and let me know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. Dear Video Haters: Just like we do in the SEO Braintrust, all Plan B training modules will be released in a PDF as well as video… so if you prefer, you can download the printable PDF of this week’s module. You can also download the video (Size: 10.2MB, MP4, iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible) and watch it offline.

I’m now using HTML5 video to support “all” video-capable browsers – hello, iPad!

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5 thoughts on “Plan B Week 4: Magnet Content Planning

  1. Dan,

    It’s great to see someone of your stature echo my feelings about mind mapping and developing strategies from the seed to the flower.

    I’ve just had my new site members download XMind which is a great open source mapping software so I can train them on developing their web businesses.

    Visual maps bring life to ideas and goals providing an easy to follow linking method of steps and content.

  2. Hi Dan,
    Thanks again for the free “Plan B Mastermind Group”. I am still looking into hosting, HostGator looks really good, do you have an opinion on from HostGator?
    Again, Many Thanks.

  3. I currently use a company called Rochen. Having been in the business 10 years plus now I have used a number of different companies. They are very professional and the support is excellent.

  4. Dave,
    Thanks for the recommendation, their are at least 4 huge data centers here in Dallas,, Hostgator use them, and it looks like Rochen does too. Thanks Again,

  5. Whoa,
    So much planning involved, not what I am use to, but definitely what I need to get used to. Explains why I struggle to produce good magnet content regularly, I usually just go at it like a bull at a gate, with little research just for the sake of making a blog post, without understanding the whole reason why I am doing it and what I, hope to achieve, and what I want my readers to gain from it.

    Some more sound advice, and great tips Dan.
    Thanks again for the Plan B Mastermind course.

    PS. Plan, Do the missions, Chunks, I must work in Chunks,I must work in chunks.

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