Plan B Week 3: Building The Plan B Website

Building The Plan B Website

If you missed the first week, go read and watch Plan B: Starting Your Own Information Business first – then week 2.

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Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, I’ll release a new module (Week 4 will be released Friday, May 21). Watch the videos. Do the missions. You can discuss it with the rest of the group right here – and let me know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. Dear Video Haters: Just like we do in the SEO Braintrust, all Plan B training modules will be released in a PDF as well as video… so if you prefer, you can download the printable PDF of this week’s module. You can also download the video (Size: 6.5MB, MP4, iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible) and watch it offline.

I’m now using HTML5 video to support “all” video-capable browsers – hello, iPad!

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33 thoughts on “Plan B Week 3: Building The Plan B Website

  1. I believe i can listen to good information for hours, and that’s what you provide, so don’t worry about short videos.
    On another note, some of my blogs were infected with the holasionweb malware, Hopefully wordpress will have a security fix out for this soon, seems to have hit GoDaddy the hardest, so everybody keep an eye on your blogs.
    Thanks Again

  2. I sort of agree and not agree with Byron. I could and have been listening to good information for months but if you don’t act on the info whats the use. Thanks for keeping it to the right length :)

    I am happy to see that Plan B is heating up. Would be great if there is a community where we can discuss how we tracking with the weekly plan and help each other. Do you have any plans to bring community alive again.

    • @HonestMan,

      re: the Plan B Mastermind community site…

      Too much stuff doesn’t work quite right, so I’ve pretty much given up on WordPressMU / Buddypress. We’re going to go with a straight-up WordPress install with a Simplepress forum. It won’t be live this week because I gotta go to San Diego for a couple days, but hope we can have that done before we launch Week 5 and things *really* heat up.

      The “big tech issue” is that we’ve been waiting for WordPress 3.0 which removes the difference between WordPress and MU. WordPress 3 was scheduled for April, and they got a beta version out last month, but they’re still working toward the first release candidate (RC1). The latest schedule update/estimate has May 21 (this Friday) as the *earliest* possible date for that. Having watched this process play out before, it’s more likely to be next week.

      I’m prepared to jump on the first “release candidate” and give it a try, but we’re not going to use the beta releases on a production site. If it’s going to go longer than next week, I may spend some money on getting the user database imported into the current version of WordPress.

  3. Hi Dan,
    I want to go and setup up the hosting and domain name, you recommend any providers?

    Thanks for the great info.

    • @Peter, I use GoDaddy for domain name registration. I can’t imagine ever using them for hosting though.

      Hostgator is a good shared hosting provider, at $8.95/month. Media Temple’s Grid Service at $20/month is a big step up in quality for a small step up in price.

      The next step up from there is $500-$1000 per year more expensive.

  4. Hi Dan,

    I have been working my ass off on my first niche hobby site that I made 1.5 years ago with SEO and building up lots of content. And I am finally starting to get on the first page of Google for my main key term.

    Do you recommend that I switch to cloud hosting for SEO reasons?

    Also what are the benefits of cloud hosting in comparison to shared hosting? Just wondering because shared hosting seemed to be everything I needed.


    • The only likely advantage of cloud hosting would be site speed, but there are a whole lot of other things you can do short of changing hosting providers to improve the speed of your site. Which, BTW – I don’t think speed is a big factor with Google anyway.

  5. Hi Dan,
    I was under the impression site speed is a factor, and is now also counted as specific criteria for Google ranking your pages.
    Anything that we can do to improve our rankings and speed up our site would be wise to implement, whether it is counted by Google or not, don’t you agree.

    By the way, I really appreciate your offering of the Plan B mastermind training.


    • Sure, Gavin, I’ll do “anything” that will help, if it’s not an excessive expense. Compressing images, reducing the number of HTTP requests, and a whole lot of other stuff most folks would need to do, will make a much larger difference in site speed though, than going to a more expensive hosting solution.

  6. Thanks Dan, I made my site very light with code and resized the images with GIMP just the way I wanted them. So the pages are nice and neat with smaller file sizes.

    One other thing, I promise this will be the last question regarding this. I got the cheapie “hatchling plan” over at hostgater with a shared SSL certificate and IP:

    Do you think it would be better for SEO to spend a little more for the business plan which gives a dedicated IP & SSL Certificate?


  7. Hi Dan,
    I am so glad I came across you. I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. I have even started out on this before. But, you sure have a real cool way of motivating. Let me say you have inspired me for sure. I now have started setting up my wordpress blog
    Can’t wait for the next episode Dan, you Rock…!!

    Charlie Sprocket

  8. Just found the sound and started the 12 week course. Ive watched the first 3 videos. Pretty good material, but I have one criticism. The narrative is much too fast. Plea

    • @Kevin, if it’s too fast for you, just download the videos and use the free Quicktime Player from Apple. It has speed controls so you can slow it down. Some folks use that to speed them up. You can also download the PDF with the transcript.

  9. @Everyone, I’m flying back from San Diego today, got some nice stuff I picked up at Coming Home 3 and I’m going to make one little change to Week 4 and upload that tomorrow.

  10. I disagree, I think the pace is perfect.

    Also, anyone have any suggestions on my comment about hosting plans and SEO?


  11. This is where I start getting heart palpitations. Too many themes to pick from! LOL!

    Question: Normally I don’t put up a site until I have at least some good content to add right away. Should my blog privacy settings be set to block search engines for now or does it not really matter because it will take some time to get indexed anyway?

    By the way… if the video moves too fast for you, why not follow along with the pdf? You can pause the video and catch up in text. (I haven’t even watched a video yet, because I seem to absorb better when I read.)

  12. Linda, I would think it would be okay to let the SEs crawl it. You can always tweak the content later. I think taking action right away is very important- that type of thinking gets work done.


    • @Linda, as Eric says, there’s really no harm in allowing them crawl your site from the start. You’re not going to get found for anything in search results until you have some content, but that’s not really a problem as such. Now, if you’re trying to keep your launch secret until your site is built, that’s another story – in that case you’d probably want keep spiders off and save all your posts and pages as drafts until you’re ready to go.

  13. Thanks Eric and Dan! No, no secrets here! It’s just always been my mindset not to make a site public until it’s ready. But after reading your responses, especially the reminder that if there’s no content there’s no search results anyway, I’m changing my mindset to *don’t market* it until it’s ready.

  14. Hahaha….

    You mentioned the 4 day work week which I finally started reading. (About a 1/3 of the way through). Your comment made me laugh because I know people who are “working 80 hours a week trying to work 4 hours” or whatever you said. Funny stuff. However, I have to admit I implemented some of the efficiency recommendations (from the book) and it’s been a mind blowing catharsis and I am like 50% more productive. AND I have been sleeping WELL at night.

    For example,

    1. I don’t answer my phone anymore and my messages tell people to send me an email.
    2. I unsubscribed from nearly every internet guru out there. I analyzed value, versus where I spent my own dollars and who I actually like and am left with the SEO Braintrust emails, Marketing Assassins and Jeff Johnson (though he pitches way too much…). I had probably 100 emails a day from every imaginable guru out there all but GONE now!
    3. I unsubscribed from nearly everything else except my bank and my girlfriend (but she’s next if she’s not careful! hehehe – just kidding honey…).
    4. On phone calls I have sent out emails telling everyone to keep it to email unless it’s urgent or an emergency. Lost no friends and have way more time. Saving at least 20 hours per week based on my phone records.
    5. Answer my emails only twice a day.
    6. Answer my voice mails only twice a day.

    As a result I have been able to dedicate 1-2 hours per day learning on my topic(s) or SEO. I have gotten two more partnerships where I SEO/adwords a couple of products and earn a split on the commissions. Because I have the time. And I am spending 8 hours more time with my girlfriend on average each and every week.

    Anyway, I love your stuff and your PDF map got me started in SEO about 3 or 4 years ago and today I work for myself though I am not rich – I couldn’t be happier.



  15. Dan,

    I am busy implementing your instructions from the video. You mention the following plug-ins verbally and in the slides but I can’t find them and/or I have some questions:

    Q. You mention WP Hashcash. No problem finding it. You say that the Akismet gives false positives on legitimate comments. However, in the Hashcash plug-in it has the option to let Akismet moderate any undecided comments. Is this the setting you recommend? Or are you recommending deleted Akismet altogether?

    Q. WP Touch – This was apparently the mobile template versioning plugin. The only thing I could find was, “WordPress Mobile Edition”. Is this what you are recommending?

    Q. Contact Cold Form – I couldn’t find this at all. I have been using, “Fast and Secure Contact Form”? It is easy to set up. is this the one, or is the ease of use the main reason you were recommending the other one?

    I found the other ones no problem and they seem self explanatory. I recommend installing “Bei Fen” as a secondary backup tool as well as the WP DB Backup plugin. It backs up everything. I am using both as both an be schedule to email and automatically send, etc…

    I’ll put together a list of a few other handy plugins and hoepfully it will help the community. But please let me know on the above.


  16. Dan,
    I wait in baited breath for your next video. It’s been awhile, hope you’re doing OK…
    Don’t keep us waiting too long, some of us followers might just have to come down there and find the DVD you stored your videos on… :)

  17. Hi Dan,
    I have been working to get my wordpress site all setup. I have all kinds of ideas coming now. Thanks for the inspiration Dan.

    I know your a busy man but, just wondering when the next video will be available?

    Thanks and Cheers,
    Peter Mead

  18. Hi Dan,

    Love the content. I haven’t received week 4 yet – have I missed an email or is there a delay?


  19. Hi Dan,

    I’ve been swamped during recent weeks – so I wanted to ask if you published the week #4 of Plan B. I got the email warning about the delay to May 28, but couldn’t find new materials.


  20. Hi Dan,

    I’m wondering the same as Charlie Sprocket. In the last email you said there was a delay and that you were anticipating sending week 4 out on 28th May. How you getting on?

    Can’t wait for the next one.


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