Plan B Week 2: Your Topic & Voice

Your Topic and Voice: The Core of Your Information Business

If you missed the first week, go read and watch Plan B: Starting Your Own Information Business first.

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Every Friday for the next 12 weeks, I’ll release a new module (Week 3 will be released Friday, May 14). Watch the videos. Do the missions. You can discuss it with the rest of the group right here – and let me know what you think in the comments below.

P.S. Dear Video Haters: Just like we do in the SEO Braintrust, all Plan B training modules will be released in a PDF as well as video… so if you prefer, you can download the printable PDF of this week’s module. You can also download the video (Size: 7.6MB, MP4, iPod/iPhone/iPad compatible) and watch it offline.

I’m now using HTML5 video to support “all” video-capable browsers – hello, iPad!

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13 thoughts on “Plan B Week 2: Your Topic & Voice

  1. WOW this is amazing info that u get it for free :)
    i need it 1 year to learn it .
    i was recommending the product that i did not know to much about product and must of product bring me lot of money.One day i was looking some review site and i decided to buy something about my self but when the product come that was “rubbish” and he was giving all the start there!
    At first i get angry ! but after that i was thinking hmmm how about my product that i recommend are they really good as the company saying! When i find out must of them was not good ..some of the product i even buying just to be 100% shore that the product is good and i can recommend with confidence,and not make people think bad like when i purchase it.
    My advice is for the people who just start don’t recomand something that u dont know even worse something that u even know is not good !

  2. Wow, I am really impressed by this information. I have been researching ways to make money on the internet for some time and have looked at a lot of them. I’ve checked the scam boards for reviews too. But, a lot of my decisions are based on gut instinct. I found Dan’s materials (including SEO fast start which I’m studying simultaneously) and felt very confident,quickly. What he says makes sense to me, doesn’t appear to take short cuts and miraculously, emphasizes the fact that it’s not an overnight thing, nor is the money.

    Thanks for you help Dan, I appreciate it.

  3. Hey Dan,
    First two video are a great start. As you can guess, I have a lot of topics to think about but probably will go back to my passion that got me started on the web so many years ago.

    BTW, I got my site videos all viewable on iPhone, iPad and all those other easy information access technologies Obama dislikes. I use a WP blog plugin I wrote to insert html 5 on compatible browsers. Sure wish Mozilla would license some useful codecs.

    Well, off to do my homework :)

  4. Thanks Dan,

    This will help. I’ve always liked staying anonymous so the public persona is something I’ve always shied away from, but I think I can make up a character.

  5. Great stuff Dan,

    It really does help to try and connect with your audience and not try to be too pushy at selling. About a month ago, I kinda changed my perspective when emailing my list and have seen a great response in feedback and sales.

    Its good to have mix of a call to action every once in awhile and email them great content- all without being overwhelming with sales talk.

  6. Are you going to cover delivery methods Dan – I’ve been looking at Premium cast, I know Ed Dale uses it and would think its good as Paul Colligan’s behind it – but it’s not very “glossy” when you look at it and some of the help material seems out of date – any opinions from you would be great….. and as always well done for some of the best free content around!

    • We will talk about delivery methods at some point. I’ve purchased a few things that were hosted on Mixiv/Nanacast/Premiumcast, and I still have no idea whether I’ve actually found all the content I bought. I don’t know if that’s the fault of the tool, or the folks using it, but I found the user interface for buyers extremely confusing in every case.

  7. Thanks for the response Dan – I know exactly what you mean – it’s a shame because it’s so close to being a perfect product for what I need, but if tech-savvy users can’t figure it out I think there’s a danger of most people just being turned off by it.

  8. Hi Dan,

    I have been following you for quite some time. I enjoyed your series inside of the Video Boss. This is amazing that you are offering this course for free. Great opportunity for persons. I have recommended this course to my friends.

    Question: When you develop a persona, is it better to present your real name or use an avatar-type persona? Why do I ask? Some of us are working and may not wish the notoriety in fear of losing our jobs. Did you use your real name when you were working for that other company while just starting out?

    • Sue, if you use a “persona” like “the (topic) (whatever)” – say, The iPad Fanatic… you can always have a big “reveal” of who is behind it down the road, which can become an event, help with a launch, etc. Yes, it can help you keep things under wraps if you have a J-O-B and you don’t want to find out if they’re jerks, or you already know they’re jerks, or even if they just worry about their “image.”

      The main advantage to using a “persona” or pen name is that it’s easier to sell, since it’s not about YOU.

      When I had a job, yes, I used my real name on everything, but I had been doing stuff on my own as long as they knew me, and nobody really minded. Not everywhere you could work is as cool as Kinko’s was back in the day, though. Not by a long shot.

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