Redoing My Link Building Course – Need Your Help

When I offered my first online link building course in 2005, I was expecting it to be pretty popular, but it turns out that I *badly* underestimated the demand.

In fact, it was a runaway success.

Almost as soon one 8-week course finished, another group would come in and sell out the next session. It took 7 months for things to calm down.

Since then, thousands of people have seen the “best of” videos – but nobody has been able to get the entire course.

I get asked about it all the time – “Dan, when are you going to do another link building class?”

Well, after months of preparation, I am ready to do another one – but I want to make sure that I’m not leaving anything out.

One of the students back in 2006 said I’d “put together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle” for them, and I wouldn’t want to do any less this time around.

Please help me out if you can spare a few minutes. In return, I’ll make it worth your while. (Hint!)

All you have to do is post your comments below – on the biggest questions, problems, and challenges you have with link building.

189 thoughts on “Redoing My Link Building Course – Need Your Help

  1. Finding quality directories and blogs to post links on, fighting through spam and taking chances(?) on paid link directories

  2. Hey Dan,

    Just curious as to what you think about reciprocal linking in 2009. Still effective?

    Also, what do you think about the over-optimization penalty (too much anchor text keyword density)?

    Going through some now older SN material, I’ve heard Brad and Andy say it exists, and Leslie say it doesn’t. Curious as to your thoughts.


  3. What’s the most efficient set of procedures and workflow in order to spend no more than 20 minutes per day link building, yet manifest significant results. Am I pipe-dreaming that this is possible?

  4. I struggle with deciding where to spend my time to get the biggest bang for every minute. PR is important for SEO, but what about considering the quality of traffic that might come from a lower PR site and yet convert better.

  5. Dan,

    While the concept of link building is simple (find a site, get a link to your site) many of my students are confused about the specifics of link building.

    e.g. The actual nuts and bolts of the process, finding good quality links as opposed to “cheap and nasty” ones.

    Things like the importance of anchor text (and varying it) as well as varying the landing page (so not all links go to the home page for example). Deep linking concepts, reciprocal linking vs one way links.

    So perhaps a focus on the specifics on link building. Maybe a good idea would be to actually document the entire process of taking a brand new domain with no links through the process.

    e.g. finding relevant link partners, determining anchor text, but more to the point the whole process in detail.

    And even the focus of how this should be an ongoing thing and not something you do once and forget.

    From my experience people get stuck in the mechanics or focus on quick fix solutions like buying links which of course is not exactly the wisest thing to do.

    Keep up the great work, I’d be happy to help out anyway I can.



  6. Even through yourself and Stompernet have helped a tremendous amount in Seo’ing I would say the tremendous amount of time you can spend getting just one linke. After two hours of link building I feel like a worn out prostitute from the sleazy avenues of the internet I had to go through to maybe get one link!

  7. I would like to know what do you recommend to properly determine which additional links to acquire while looking at the backlinks report on Yahoo? I understand that the links are reported by Yahoo determines the strength. I’m also referring to acquiring links from the same and similar domains, just different pages. I would also like to know the same thing while considering the competitors backlink report.

  8. I find the most difficult thing is to get one-way links from established sites. Suggestions?

    Also, how much time should one spend on link building through social media and social bookmarking sites, compared to good old fashioned methods such as asking/convincing other websites for a link, submitting to directories and writing press releases?

    Finally, do you think link exchanges are worth doing at all?

  9. With many clients to do link building for – what are some good strategies I can use to leverage my time and benefit more than one site at a time?

  10. I agree with Tim Buchalka. The needs he discussed are very important to me. The trouble I come across is trying to teach my help how to do link building, and I find I can’t seem to convey the how to’s very well to anyone else. A course of yours would be fantastic to use as training material to both refresh and enhance what I am doing, but to also be a guide to train those I need to help me with the clients I am working on.

  11. Wow – keep it coming folks!

    One of the things that’s really changed since the last course, is how much more *leverage* we can apply to our link building efforts.

    Some of the “old stuff” isn’t quite as effective, but there are ways to amplify everything you do that weren’t even possible in 2006.

    Anyway, not trying to bias the feedback, so “as you were” – I’m just really excited about this course!

  12. Dan,
    It is simple you speak I listen… very few on the internet I will take the time to do so…link building? pfft.. I have a bunch of questions.. with 6 e-commerce stores I have to spend my time wisely…so a class/course would be awesome..bring it on.

  13. Hi Dan,

    My biggest roadblock to link building specifically in directly approaching people to offer them content in exchange for leaving the links to my site in the content is:
    1. Finding the right related sites to approach for my niche. Need more details in tools and search techniques to get around pulling up competitors and also sites that won’t give me the time of day because they are big institutionalized sites.
    2. Developing and implementing a sustained, systemized, consistent link building system. How do I set up a system that works primarilty without my direct work,(outsourcing, etc?)
    3. Need more details so I can improve my skills at developing and implementing profitable promotions marketing channels that profit or at least break even and also generate links.
    4. Need brainstorming tools and/or help in developing link bait for my niche or finding link bait my competitors are using and borrowing ideas from them.

    I believe if someone as skilled as yourself at marketing would offer a service of looking at someones business/site/niche and develop them a customized multichannel link building/marketing plan people would pay you handsomely. Something that you look at their site and business, develop them a plan of things that need to be done and say, “Go do these specific tasks that are tailored to your niche and business. You have no excuses now.”

  14. Thank you for asking the question! I’m excited about your upcoming course as well.

    I wonder if submitting sites to Digg, Stumbleupon, etc. really help with link building. And if so, what are effective ways to utilize these sites?

    I also liked Tim Buchalka’s idea about taking a new site right from the beginning.

    And it’s been said that Google rates the quality of inbound links. How can you be sure to gain quality links rather than ones that are considered spam?


  15. The biggest challenge is having an automated link building process that actually works. Being able to determine whether the outsourced link building actually works. We are in a pretty competitive market and can’t seem to get to that prized #1 result.

  16. There are so many ways to generate links and a great deal of conflicting information about the effectiveness of each. So, how do I generate a volume of high quality links QUICKLY and balance that against the “link velocity” factor in Google’s algorithm so that my site is not penalized.

  17. I’m interested in how best to outsource link building; in terms of finding reliable workers and how to monitor and manage the process.

  18. Hi Dan,

    From 2005 to 2009, what linking techniques are still working best? Are Social Media/Web 2.0 links only good for fast indexing or are they also good for the longterm? Also, a good explanation of optimizing internal linking would be great.


    Mitch G

  19. I was wondering if reciprocal link still work? What about those blog commenting? Basically, a step by step link building checklist will be a good reference for those struggling with it.

  20. Hi Dan

    My site has not been published as.I am in the stage where I am finding affiliate’s
    my site & then will have to do the linking.I will admit I know very,very little about this


  21. Hi Dan.

    Obviously there is a difference between what it takes to rank a site in a competitive field and one that is not so packed with SEO/PPC savy folks. I would be interested in hearing your take on differences such as these and how one would approach link building for various scenarios.

    In other words, knowing a little about the competitive landscape for a site/keyword how different can/should linking strategies be for working toward a number one spot.

  22. I have an ecommerce site that has over 1300 product listings in it.

    The problem I have is that I don’t host the site the ecommerce software company does.

    So how to I get back links to my products?

    The second problem is just links in general these ecommerce site are all dynamic so the product links are also
    dynamic, which as I understand things is am SEO problem to start with, but I wouldn’t want to build a static site for all of this.

    Thanks Dan

  23. Dan, in that great piece of work SEO Fast Start, you describe dynamic linking in great detail. Have the big G’s algorithmic adjustments in the past year or so negated the benefits of that approach, or, worse yet, made it “dangerous” to practice?

  24. Dan Thies and SN Faculty have done WONDERS for my business. Thank you Dan – I think you were the first person to make me pay attention to conversion rates, split testing and analytics! Day to day, I am always looking for a good strategy that can be either leveraged by employing other people or automated. For example, good reliable tools and proven & tested methods. So although the good old fashioned way of getting links may still work, taking a course that makes us re-think the way to are used to doing things or opens a new avenue of thought is always a GREAT thing!

  25. Dan,
    I used a lot of your SEO insights to build my PPC landing pages. I can’t wait to get your PPC blog going and the PPC ebook as well. I like your no-nonsense approach to SEO (when others are trying to make it esoteric). I only hope you will keep it free a little bit more till I start making money with PPC (Ha!).
    Cheers, Constantin

  26. I would like to know how to not only leverage the time to build backlinks, but I want to know how to do so for the long term… with Google’s approval.In other words, how do you build links without being punished by Google when the algorithms change.

  27. The eternal link building question for me is how to turn the task into a fun challenge rather than a mind-numbing bore. It would be so much easier to stick with the task if there was a little more excitement involved.

  28. Hi Dan,

    Your last link building course was an amazing success, and it really helped me, and I know a lot of other people who found it to be extremely helpful too. It’s hard to know sometimes, the best blogs, forums, directories etc. Due to the fact as each directory website etc, builds up and earns more respect within the search engines, their page rank rises, therefore, it would be great to know how to be always know the priority sites to leave link trails on. Also, can’t wait to see your ppc fast start book released, the seo fast start is so helpful that I can’t wait to get stuck in to the ppc fast start book too.



    Have a great weekend guys.


  29. There is a ton of courses and material about SEO and link building in theory but exact “how to” would be great. Exactly where to put links, how to do it easy way, how to make it repeatable, should we and if yes how to outsource link building, what methods doesn’t work anymore, some real life examples would be great. List all the link building methods you know and explain the best practices.

    I hope I’m not asking too much ;)

    p.s. SEO Fast Start is really great, I’ve read it a couple of times and recommend it a thousand times, not to mention Stomping the Search Engines!

  30. I would like 2nd, 3rd, 4th (you get the point) Deniis’ comment (comment #3) above.

    Also, last time I dove deep into this stuff directories were out, article marketing was in and links from social networking and social media sites were on the rise.

    What’s the right mix? What has the best ROI? Any advice on how to figure out what’s helping?


  31. As a somewhat newbie I believe a focus on the specifics of link building would be beneficial to all. A step by step system of the entire process of taking a brand new domain with no links through the process.

    Things like finding relevant link partners, determining anchor text are confusing to both newbies and to a degree some of the more experienced as well.

    Go Dan…we desperately need something like this.

  32. How do we (or should we) even listen to Google talk about the right and wrong links?

    Matt Cutts states that ‘if you write good content people will link to you’. I say Maybe. I see some big names write crappy stuff and people go crazy linking to them. Yet, I see some ‘no names’ write excellent articles and only a few of us other ‘no names’ link to them (I have low rank so a link on my site is not a big help to them). So how do you get enough site strength that people find you to build a name that people will voluntarily link to you?

    If I could afford to buy links (on a powerful site) that would be an idea but, Google says they are penalizing paid links.

    I have done forums and love them. I have found there are some forums that are ‘spamless’ and would not be thrown in with garbage but, seems Google is not indexing them as much.

    Blogs that allow comments are great but many times the page that you leave the comment on is of no rank, how much does that matter?

    Bookmarking sites and directories are ok, but many times those links don’t seem to get indexed or found. I know it can take months for the SE to find the link in a big site. Can we help our links on those type of sites get indexed faster? I have been told to ping my profiles but, not sure if that is good?

    Do RSS feed aggregators count as good links and if so, where do we find places to insert our RSS feeds? Should I still try to figure out an RSS spider web?

    At this point I have lots of time and little money, is there a way to get quality links? How do I know they are the best quality for the price?

    I would love to be a link queen but, every time I think I have figured it out someone tells me something different or the SE’s change the freakin rules.

    Thanks for letting me rant!

  33. Hi Dan,
    Here comes a Stomper from Japan. :)

    It was very tough for me to listen to your Link Building Clinic videos in SN because the quality of its sound was bad(at least to me). I expect the next ones will be friendly to me.
    I want to know every way of building links without manufacturing them. I’m tired of creating sites just to send links my money sites.

  34. Hi Kenichi – the quality of the phone call recordings on the ‘best of’ videos is very poor. I wasn’t planning to reuse them at the time.

    This time around, I’ve got an audio engineer to help.

  35. With so many places to get links – blogs, directories, articles, web 2.0 sites, bookmarking, RSS, free sites, etc… Help in coming up with a plan of the best of the best.

  36. Dan,

    I was listening to STSE2 Module 6 Link Building about building relationships with bloggers, guest blogging and it occured to me: I’m not good at all at approaching and cultivating relationships in the Blogosphere with bloggers and giving, getting link love, etc. I really would like to see you give some step by step instruction and/OR walk through example scenarios about building relationships with bloggers and other site owners in order to build sources of quality links. I always learn really well from examples.
    Oh yeah, almost forgot to mention, you’re The Man. Just figured everyone already knew that! :)

  37. Dan,

    If you were starting a site from scratch, in a competitive market, what would be your link building strategy?

    To get indexed?
    To get ranked fastest?
    For long-term stickiness?

    I’m looking forward to the new program.

  38. Hi,

    I would like to know what type of link building works fast. Directory Submissions are fast and easy but you have to wait along time for them show up. Getting links from article directories is also slow. Also what link building helps to get you ranked in MSN and Yahoo?

  39. When analyzing competitors’ backlinks, it’s painstaking to sort out which are worth spending time to try to also get a link from. Or, just abandon that tactic altogether and leave it up to more automated methods?

  40. Hi Dan,

    Give us a Backlink Blueprint, with step-by-step flowchart type pdf, and videos, I can outsource for someone else to do, easy enough for a non-English speaker for a first language to learn and use.

    And with that, free or online shared automation tools they can use to speed up the process.


  41. I am at a loss, done everything that been suggested by the stomper gang, just can’t seem to break into page 1 and stay their. My questions are all the above post! These guys have just about covered it all.

  42. Dan, the biggest challenge is finding quality sites that accept quality content & links. Over time we’ve all received enough crappy link exchange requests that we’re gun shy, even when the link or articles are high quality.

  43. Dan,
    Nice to hear you have an updated link building course on tap. Time is the toughest part for us. Finding quality sites can be both easy and difficult depending on a site’s topic.

  44. I’ve given up on it, so it obviously hasn’t been taught well enough, from what i’ve seen…just confusing and a huge waste of time. I’m outsourcing.

  45. If you really want to do the world a favor, break each link building component down to it’s core value and rank it’s possible ROI as related to our time, effort and financial investment.

    For example you have articles,videos, directories, social web 2.0 properties, forums and bookmarking sites to name a few.

    Which gives the biggest bang for the buck (ROI) and then list them by their level of importance.

    Now that we have a complete list of all these list building tools give us the specifics as to how to best use them. For example: can you use duplicate content and why. What specific link building strategy fits each tool and is there a time frame for implementing a strategy with the tool. Can one tool work better if used in conjunction with another…and so on.

    We see various twist from each so called Guru. Howie Schwartz for example: says he has over 100,000 web 2.0 properties that he uses to build links and gain site rankings. Well that is fine for him, but at this point in time most of us don’t have a staff of 80 people working for us. The advice that most of these guys give isn’t realistic for us to get our head or wallets around. Oh I know… pay the $1997 and they will do it for you. Ya right.

    Many of us function in our own little world with no staff except the dog and a frustrated wife or husband and little outside support because of where we live.

    So the point here is be real, give advice that we can truly implement and not just dream about.

    If you need to test your theories I’d be happy to volunteer as one of your test cases. In closing let me say that the information you have given us up till now has been digested by many of us and greatly appreciated.

    Member of White Hat Black Belts.

  46. Dan, I am new to seo I was wondering if is there a limit to how many backlinks you should try to get a day for a new website? If there is what is it? and Finally are links I post on forums worth the time and effort?

  47. Hi Dan,

    A couple of things:

    Anchor text; how to decipher what percentage of links should simply use the main keyword, and how best to vary the text on the rest.

    Importance of pr; do we need to chase links from high pr sites as priority – is this still relevant?

    Links from web 2.0 sites; are these types of links going to hold any value in the future, and will Google still allow web 2.0 links in the first page of the serps?

    Many thanks.

  48. I need specifics on how to actually ask for the links. Is email dead? Does the phone work better? What are your suggestions?

  49. I second what Tim Buchalka mentioned above as anchor text, linking to an internal page within the site, and deep linking within a site are some of the biggest sticking points I see.

    I would add teaching a realistic time frame for a new site to effectively compete relative of niche competition.

  50. Time is one of the key issues for me, so just wondering what is the best way to get results in the minimum amount of time (white hat of course!)? If time permits, then all well and good, but what can I do when I’ve only got a few minutes a day?

  51. Dan,

    Thanks for all the great information you provide!

    It would be awesome to see a step by step, granular, procedure for building links. Please do not leave anything out. Make it as simple and concise as possible so that there is NOTHING left to “fill in the blanks” or guess about or “to get bogged down” on.

    I am talking comprehensive… as only you can do.

    By the way and speaking of comprehensive and granular, when are you going to update your keyword research videos? :-)

    Thanks again for your help. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with.

  52. For me, the most difficult question is how to find good quality, one-way links to an ecommerce site. It seems intuitive that it should be relatively easy to get links to a good informational site, a blog, or something like that, but to a site that sells products of any type, well, that’s a bigger leap. Where do you look?

  53. Wow Dan!

    I’m really looking forward to seeing your link building course. Tell us how to get started and make it work for those of us with existing businesses to run and a minimum amount of time.

  54. Confused, just confused! We have a PR4 home page and we rank on page one of Google for our main key term but have never been above #3. We get invitations for reciprocal links all the time mostly from low PR websites that are unrelated to our site. But I have never traded any links because I hear so much conflicting info on reciprocal links. Should I or should I not trade links with these sites? Or should we focus only on obtaining incoming one way links, and if so, what is the best approach and tools to get them?

    For several months we bounced around 3, 4 and 5 on page one. Then about two weeks ago we got an unsolicited incoming one way link to our homepage from an article on the New York Times website!! I thought, OH YEAH, this will give us a nice boost, only to find that several days later we were down to 9 on page one where we have remained. What gives? Possibly there was some other cause for this, but we did no other SEO work on our site during that same period other than normal product updates.

    I don’t have a lot of time to commit, especially in one sitting. So a straight forward course on link building in layman’s terms that is broken up into short sessions that we can do in 30 to 60 minute steps would be great. And something the common man can afford.

    Thanks Dan for all your hard work. I look forward to hearing more about your course.

    Will Woodward

  55. What I’m looking for is a solid free guide to build from for on/off page relevant links that will deliver results in ranking and traffic. Oh ya, did I say free? With more and more people understanding the benefits of setting up a site structurally correct with proper linking and the mass inclusion of linking from webmasters who have placed two pieces of the puzzle together do you see Google changing their algorithms to tighten the quality ranking of a link? I’m looking forward to your no B.S. answers as usual, I’ve learned a lot from you. Thanks!

  56. What is relationship between internal and external links? Also, do services that build RSS feeds for your “non-blog” pages help with ranking and getting links?

  57. Hi Dan,
    Following your work in stompernet I am thankful for every piece of information from you.

    The problems I am having with link building are:
    1. Creating the content and understanding all the duplicate content issue.
    2. How to automate all the work of building the web 2.0 website content that will send one way links to my money website.
    3. Creating the linking structure inside my own website and with the supporting websites (my web 2.0 properties).

    ***A daily Backlink Blueprint, with step-by-step in PDF’s and video will be the best thing ever.

  58. Dan, you have been putting out incredible SEO and PPC info – definitely one of the most credible experts out there.

    My difficulty – there is so much controversy over pretty much everything regarding links:
    1. Does reciprocal linkbuilding work/is it worthwhile?
    2. Are NoFollow links really “worthless”? So many disagreements here.
    3. Are links from low PR pages on high-PR sites really “authoritative”?
    4. Are social bookmarking links (even the “dofollow” kind) actually worth anything?
    5. Does Google punish sites that get lots of backlinks from article directories, or other similar sites? Some claim their sites were punished after submitting/syndicating articles (think syndication to 100’s of sites), which makes no sense to me…but it seems to be claimed almost continuously by someone or another.
    6. Are keyword rich links from irrelevant/unrelated sites as good as relevant site links? e.g. link from a software site to a dog training site? It should be, but…
    7. Google says they don’t punish sites for something that someone else could do to them (like getting them backlinks from “bad neighborhoods”. Supposedly links TO bad neighborhoods are bad, while links FROM them are, at worst, ignored. But so many claim their site was punished due to using some linking service, getting links from a blog farm etc. Google cannot know that the webmaster did that themselves, or if a competitor did it to them. Yet, the “bad links to good sites” story is constantly being told…
    8. Are links from duplicate content (syndicated content, for example) counted as valuable links?

    Arrgghhh! So much confusion out there.

    Regards, Gerald

  59. Finding a reputable site, or a site with huge protential that is willing to exchange a good quality link with good placement and good anchor text linking to a page other than my homepage……..

    and also without me having to feel like a prostitute after the link is exchanged, i feel like ive sold out everytime i exchange a link. Sites want more and more from each other in order to exchange a link, they act as though they are giving you eternal life for thier 2 minutes work, they act as if you owe them everything for this link.

  60. Dan, your lessons here and at Stompernet are excellent.

    However, to walk the talk, if I’m to shop for inward links, which one would you suggest..! I’ve a few in mind..

    Press Release
    Yahoo Directory
    They cost large sums.

    They cost nothing but the links may be no-followed.

    Please give your take.

  61. I would like to know more about Natual Links v Paid Links. From Webmaster Guidelines Google has removed “Directory Listing” point…what are your comments on this Dan?

  62. I’d like to know how I can be more efficient in my link building. How can I get the best links in the least amount of time.

    And keep it interesting like Donna mentioned above.

  63. If I were to ask you, what should I do, on a limited budget, to most effectively build links to my how to speak Spanish blog utilizing about 1-2hr’s a day. What should I do for each phase of the sites life? From just launching the site, to gaining some PR, etc. I just need an overall strategy on what to do each day and how to change things once I start gaining PR. Some estimations on how many links I should request each hour or something similar would help to see if I’m on track with what others are doing.

  64. Hi Dan

    I would like to know more about link building using article marketing and web 2.0 properties. I build Squidoo lenses, hubpages, wikis and wetpaint sites like a demon and understand that these properties don’t pass PR, they are more like traffic conduits. But article marketing seems to be a different kind of method.

    I would like to know more about link building using article marketing and how to pump PR to articles in eZine articles and GoArticles. Articles and article distribution seem to be the easiest ways of gaining backlinks / traffic but it seems that even these are losing their authority in Googles eyes.

    A process map for link building would be a great help.

  65. Dan, As things are ever changing in the world of SEO and link building I would like to see a plain speaking, up to date article about what is acceptable with link building and what is not. Is one way links still better than exchanged links? Are exchanged links worth anything? Is article marketing probably the best way to obtain links? These are just some of the questions I have.


  66. Hi Dan, I have found that the web site from the link below provides the best information that I have seen anywhere on the web:

    There are thousands of free and paid directories listed, blog directories listed, RSS feeds directories listed and social book marking site listed with links to all of them.

  67. Thanks for asking Dan. What I have always liked about your content is that you get to the point right away. I don’t have to sift through reams of fluff to get the good stuff.

    A SEO person suggested this a while back and I’m not sure if this is considered white hat or not.

    She suggested creating a section on my home page for 3-4 Featured Links that would be in exchange for a link to my site. As I’m giving them a link on my home page (with a PR4) this would be a time-limited link. In other words, I’d get a permanent link and they would get a PR4 link for three months and the benefits of my home page traffic.

    If this is a valid creative linking strategy (i.e.above board), I’d like to know how to calculate the value of a link in order to negotiate for the best agreement.

  68. One of the biggest problems that I face and that is very rarely discussed is that many of the tricks getting links work only in the United States or other english speaking countries and/or english websites.

  69. I believe that it would be very useful to have a step by step action plan, like the one that you describe in the SEO fast start guide, specifically for link building.

    Everything else that i would like to suggest has been covered already.

    Keep up the good work!!!

  70. I would be interested in learning more about what are the link building methods that give you the biggest return for your investment of time / money.

    What methods are working now in 2009 and have not been ‘slapped’ by Google.

    There’s a lot of talk about using web2.0 sites to rank for non-competitive terms. How would you approach getting ranked for more competitive terms.

  71. It has been mentioned above but no follow links – do they still help? I do not bother checking any longer as there seems to be some benefit.

    But – If a page (older than a year) is not indexed though – (just copy and paste the URL into Google and see if the search has any results) which I often come across in forums then that would not be worth the effort.

    And Page Rank…. I can rank without it but is it dead?

    I think expectations are pretty high based on your track record!

  72. Trying to sort through all the information about linking and where to put my efforts. Are Link Directories worth the time? Do recip linking no longer work as claimed by so many now. Do the 3way linking schemes work? Do Blog networks work?

  73. After launching a new website and getting it Indexed in Google, is there any link building criteria that govern how quickly or how slowly I should build links? I read all the time that it should be ‘natural’, but surely ‘natural’ is also relative to the size of your site etc?

  74. Finding quality links is time consuming. A better map of how to spend time more wisely on finding quality links would be helpful.

    What is considered to many anchor links?

  75. I try to get complimentary web sites to link to mine and I find only about 1 in 15 or so are willing to do so.

    Is there a better way to approach other web masters to get their co-operation?

    Also, how do you find the very best linking partners, and how do you induce them to link to your sites pages?

  76. Dan,

    Probably the biggest challenges I have with link building are ones that everybody shares-consistency and time.

    It’s too easy to get involved in what we consider to be “real” work on our sites and leave out time for the lifeblood of any site-backlinks.


  77. What is the best way to focus your links to a targeted audience? This would be a great help to me. A program that will cover linking from start to finish. I have been working on my marketing and need a good teaching program.

  78. I think most of the comments above reflect what I’d like to see Dan.

    For the social media part of it…
    I’d like to see something like an updated conversation domination but on Steroids :) All with an easy walkthrough that we can use to hand out to workers.

    Also, tips and tricks on how to really get other sites to host your articles in a time efficient way :)
    thanks a ton

  79. I would like to know if “No Follow” links are completely useless or do they really count for something.

    These days it seems that WordPress is the dominant publishing platform with “No Follow” tags. How does Google really view no follow?

    Has anyone ever did an experiment in a non competitive niche and ranked using no follow?

  80. I’m wondering if you think the blog / article networks are worthwhile in terms of the link value they generate? I won’t name any specifically, but I’m thinking of the ones that charge a monthly fee to get your posts syndicated through their network of sites.

  81. My biggest concern is the time it takes to get ranked. (Possible sandbox issue)

    I want to create a full time income from my sites as quickly as possible (who doesn’t right?) but waiting the days, weeks, or months to see results is stifling and frustrating.

  82. Is setting up your own link network (i.e. auto content generated blogs) a good or bad idea?

    What about these networks that have thousands of blogs that you can post to, does that really work?

    My article marketing seems to be growing as fast as, well, watching grass grow. The whole concept of submitting to hundreds of directories seems a waste and submitting to only the top 10 or so is slow growth.

    Where is my link building time best spent.

  83. I’ve read recently that location of links relative to your site is significant. In other words for a UK site, links from other UK sites will have more of an impact than from elsewhere (all other things like pagerank, relevancy, and number of outgoing links being equal). Is there any truth in this, and if so how significant is it?

  84. Dan,

    Link building is a tedious process particularly when trying to get one-way links from high PR sites. Add to that the innumerable number of sites that want to sell you their software programs as a catch all to link building.

    What every webmaster needs is a simplified and complete A-Z course on link building.

  85. If I’m trying to rank for “Keyword” what percentage of links should contain that word? (Too high and it raises a flag right?)

    If I’m trying to rank for “Keyword” AND “Keywords” (plural) do I need to link separately for each term? Would Google count them as 1 term in the link percentage calculation?


    And then, the eternal questions:

    Which links give the biggest bang for the effort?

    What sort of link building could I outsource (that would be effective)?


  86. Does it hurt the position in SERPs when one-way links come from sites like adult and warez, or from sites unrelated subject-wise? If yes, what can a person do about it?


  87. Dan,

    I’m interested in knowing more about:

    – Automation tools – free and paid
    – Quantity vs Quality in terms of links
    – Specific research tools/techniques used in finding link sources/partners
    – Web 2.0 – yes or no, why and how (if yes)
    – Internal linking techniques

    And also what Will said above:

    “Give us a Backlink Blueprint, with step-by-step flowchart type pdf, and videos, I can outsource for someone else to do, easy enough for a non-English speaker for a first language to learn and use. And with that, free or online shared automation tools they can use to speed up the process.”

    In short, instruction that cuts through all the linking noise out there and provides step-by-step options on how to get maximum bang for minimum buck/time.

    And make it easily usable by both us and our English as a second language RA’s (remote assistants).

    Yep, tall order. But you asked…(<;

  88. Thanks Antonio, that sounds like a quick way to check for the value of a page.

    And further to that topic, I had another question about comparing link value for the purposes of negotiating links and/or determining what type of keyword I should use (i.e. a long tail or a hard to get one) For example, how do you determine the value of a link on these pages: a page with no PR and 6-clicks deep from a home page on a site with 6 PR or a link on a page with 2 PR, two clicks from the home page on a site that has a PR 3. See what I mean…get’s complicated.

    In response to Richard above in regards to location of links, it certainly has worked out that way to me. I was using a USA spelling for one of my keywords and getting links in Canada and ranking in Canada and not the USA for it. Problem is as I later determined, Canadians aren’t using that spelling as much. So I was out on both ends. So now I focus my link efforts on the correct spelling in the anchor text for the specific country that I’m going after. If I want to rank for a keyword for a specific country I go after links and the right anchor text in that same country.

  89. I would have to say the relevancy of information around the topic. There’s so many “experts” out there that contradict what each other is claiming works that it’s hard to determine what works and doesn’t anymore and “guessing” is scary because the repercussions of a failed attempt can basically oust years of hard work.

    On another note it would be interesting to see how this is treated in other more minority languages “spanish, french, italian”.

  90. Dan,

    I would like to suggest some other areas to possibly focus in on:

    1. It’s been said so many times to test, test, test the keywords via PPC before applying SEO. I would like your common sense approach to this and how PPC ties in to SEO. When I say common sense I mean if cheap sony radios converts sufficiently should we also ppc test discount sony radios or cheap sanyo radios too before applying seo?

    2. There’s been a lot of conflicting information on how many words we should SEO for one page lately. Could you give your formula?

    3. Would it be possible to cover again how you helped outrank for the phrase Wedding Favors if the strategies you used still apply as effectively now?

    4. One point of confusion for me has been when pairing or grouping two or three keyphrases to one page what is the best way to pair them up? Should we pair up a main phrase with one or two modifiers (example: sony radios with cheap sony radios and discount sony radios) where the main core phrase sony radios is contained in all three phrases (so sony radios gets link reputation from all keyword links), or should we pair them up by the main keyphrase and the one or two most related phrases according to the Google Adwords keyword tool when the words are sorted by relevancy?

    Also, I would like to agree with everyone above who has said to help us find high quality one-way backlink partners.

    1. How do we find them: What software or search engine search commands.

    2. What method do we use to contact them? (I.E. Email, or phone etc.)

    3. What to say when we contact them with a template email or phone script.

    4. What to do when they say OK, or what to do when they say they want us to exchange links instead of content in exchange for links or what to do when they say I’ll sell you a link or I’ll rent you a link, or what to do when they say no. Should we ever contact them again or should we never contact them again?

  91. Hi Dan,
    I agree with Edmunds, there are so many so called experts around giving all sorts of suspect information that quite frankly it scares me to implement too much in the way of Link strategy for the fear of being penalized. So it will be a breath of fresh air getting the information from yourself.

  92. I have a deep respect for your knowledge, Dan, and very much appreciate your generous sharing of it. You’re getting a TON of good questions! I read every one, and I’m eager to read/hear your thoughts. To the mix, I’d add:

    What criteria do you keep track of for a built/obtained link (e.g., the site-page it’s on, anchor text, your page it’s directed to, etc.)? How do you track that info and how might you “revisit” or use it six months down the line (i.e., is that trip necessary)?


  93. Here’s a really obvious question that I can’t say I have ever seen asked, which is weird because it has far reaching implications for link building.

    Is it possible with a high degree of accuracy to mathematically measure a competitors backlinks to instantly know whether another ( higher ) number of equivalent backlinks, will outrank him?.

    Leaving page content aside and the unknowable parts of link reputation also – could one assign a value to a PR5, a value to a PR4 etc and do the math by counting total backlinks and PR backlinks and then simply creating a higher number of comparable links to gain certain ascendancy?

    Or will the link age and other factors make it to messy?

    I’m not certain of the answer but I am leaning towards believing, that in general, having a higher number of PR backlinks than your opponent,will do the trick.

    Not just the number of PR links but the weighted number according to PR values.

    I know there are other ranking factors but I doubt that they surpass this effect I’m describing. My own humble experiments in this area back my flimsy hypothesis.

    What do you all think?

  94. Just to add a fine point about the PR backlink theory I posted above. My experience has thus far proven to me that the relevency of the sites containing the backlinkhas been somehwat overated.

    The vast majority of my PR backlinks have been from non related markets and yet my rankings are killing some huge competitors who had a huge head start in both time and budget.

    Now this wouldn’t be too amazing, if what I’m describing wasn’t in the super competitive field of real estate. And also if there weren’t hundreds of sites that prove the theory I just described ( by their non performance )

  95. Hi Dan,

    Personally, I’m looking for ways to leverage my link building. I’m usually building links for more than one site at a time, so I need to find ways to get high quality, one way links as efficiently as possible.

    I’m always looking for tools, services, systems or processes that I can use to get either more links or better links (or both.)

    Once I have a good system for gaining these links, I look to outsource all or part of it so I’m not having to do it all myself.

    I’m sure I’ll sign up for your course when it’s available, so keep me posted.


  96. Talking about a link building course I need to know:

    – the best sites for getting links right now
    – how many links can I gain without being harmed
    – which link building services bring the most benefits
    – a step by step guide about the most effective strategies

  97. Hey Dan,

    Should I spend my link building time getting a lot of links from low-PR sites (e.g. article distribution) or put more effort into getting targetted links on high-PR sites (e.g. Trying to get a link from a metropolitan newspaper or university)?

  98. My biggest problem with link building is the time it takes to find the good directories/websites. Not only does it take so much time, but the time it also takes to get listed. Another problem I have is keeping track of what places I have my link submitted to also. Im starting to see a rise in my websites rankings, but it’s been a long ride.

  99. How long of time does a link from a blog pass link juice? Most content posted to a blog only lives a short time on the first page and then is pushed deeper and deeper under new postings. I am wondering if the search engines still visit old archived content that gets increasingly buried under newer postings.

  100. Hi Dan,
    The above comments have covered everything and more that i think is required from a from a link building course. Looking forward to the class.

  101. Why does Google insist that inbound links be so important? Wouldn’t the time and effort be better spent producing good content? People rely on finding what they need via search,not stumbling on links here and there.

  102. Hi Dan,

    What is the best method or combination of methods to use in a link building campaign?

    What is the recommended process to implement these methods? This would include daily action tasks, outsourced jobs, software, metrics involved, time management tips etc.

    One of the challenges is siphoning out the most effective method to use out of the many advocated. For example, should I build a ton of web 2.0 sites to create 1-way links and social bookmark these sites? Article directory submissions? Customized articles for sites that complement my site?

    Looking forward to your course.

  103. Dan

    Loved SEO Fast Start when I first read it, and I still use it to train my new SEO peeps. My biggest frustration is when to use social media as a linking strategy – with all the algo adjustments to SM link juice, nofollows, etc. it seems like a moving target. I heard Don Crowther speak on the subject like it was ‘easy’, but it seems to be the hardest strategy for me to get my arms around.

    Thank you


  104. I need a way to scale link building. I have client sites and my own sites to do it for and it’s just TOO TIME CONSUMING. There has to be a scalable way to do it. Teach me Dan!! Please! :)

  105. Hi Dan,
    A link building work-flow which would enable me to get the best possible results for my clients over a 6 month period.

    Some client may only want to purchase 2 hours per month. Could you include a prioritised list of jobs based on the hours spent per month.

    love the book, looking forward to the course..

  106. Hi Dan,

    I guess a plan to follow would really help to structure my efforts.

    But the best places to get no-hassle links from would be a great boost for new sites, so I can get them making money (or find out they are duds) before I put extra effort into finding the more relevant links.

    And what about a database of linksources, or at least a definitive list, lots of places have a list of this and that, but a central repository of sites to get links from – RSS sites, podcast sites, video sites, article directories etc – would be a valuable resource!


  107. Dan,

    The biggest link building problems I am facing include:

    1) How to start! Particularly when you have a site offering a very competitive service (legal services) and there are few “independent” informational sites willing to offer reciprocal links. In my practice most of the other relevant sites are competing with me directly or indirectly.

    2) Does any “automated” or paid link building service really work?

    3) How effective are article directories? Does it matter if the main directory site has a high PR, but the sub-page where your article would appear has low (or no) PR?


  108. Hi Dan, I’ve been a fan of yours since before your 2005 release: I learned most of what I know about SEO from you–your expertise predates nearly everyone else who is currently ‘big’ in the SEO world.

    What can you share with us about getting those much-coveted .edu links? And what are the most coveted links today, now that it seems a dmoz link is not what it used to be? I do see though, that, for example, has 69 dmoz links and only 14 Wikipedia links, so they obviously still think dmoz is important. What’s your view?

  109. I’ve been thinking about the kind of help you might be wanting, and I was thinking back to when you commented on a post on Dave Naylor’s post and I was thinking why you might have taken so much time to write such insightful and interesting responses.

    I came to the conclusion that as the post was personalised and had a unique angle to it, it became all the more engaging.

    In the same sense, I think link-building / linkbait needs to have these traits.

    A site that rehashes, coasts along with the crowd is not so link-worthy in my opinion. I think it needs something that prompts comment, and in this commentary you can hope for a link or few.

    Seth’s Purple Cow is a better was of explaining this than I. But, on a simplistic level you could call it a USP – but a USP that is sharable.

    Looking forward to hearing more about it Dan.


  110. Hey Dan,

    One thing I love about you (and the whole Stomper team) is that you’re not afraid to call something outdated or worthless if it truly is (Keyword Density anyone?).

    I think an outline of truly outdated tactics would be helpful to define “wasting your time” in the link building process as I think many would agree is their biggest fear of the whole process.


  111. My biggest questions, problems, and challenges with link building are:
    * too much conflicting advice – what is current and what is out of date?
    * how many links should be targeted at what pages on my site
    * getting the balance right between link building activities and all the rest

  112. Time v benefit v roi
    Time v benefit v roi
    Time v benefit v roi

    That is what matters to most of us. What works best. Quantity v Quality. Does it differ by style of site? (info, ecommerce etc) Outline links from paid directories, web 2.0, videos, article marketing (personally know this works extremely well), blogs, offering to write content in exchange or even old style email link requesting.

    Then of course bookmarking, pinging all of these. We should be doing all of these (and “naturally” altering our anchor text) to spread our referential integrity – but last time I looked there were only 24 hours in anybodies day.

    Then give specifics in each category using video (or very specific screen captures) as to best use the tactics to avoid any major issues (dupe content etc)

    Then how they best fit together in the real world so we can thoroughly but cost effectively implement. Also list any free or paid software that might help any of the tasks.

    Well you did ask ;)

  113. Ian above has some good ideas but then he is working on ROI. For me the Time vs benefit is the more essential question as there is not I or at least no profit.

    So the question then become where do you get the most return for effort or dollar — areas where you can control the linking such as social marketing as modeled by Don Crowther or areas where you build links through relationships as Jerry West recommends. Some of the social marketing can be outsourced (to the limit of funds) but links through relationships should not be according to you.

    So where is the best place to focus your limited time to get income growth (and eventually profits)?

    There are a million supporting questions many of which have been expressed above but the key to everything is getting focus on some few activities that will result in increased sales so that I can get to break even and then to profitability.

  114. Well, here’s another one for you Dan. It’s a specialized question – a cross between keyword strategy and linking.

    I’ve got a video that I’ve uploaded to YouTube. However, when I found the link in the search results under my keyword, it didn’t show the thumbnail of the video.

    I’m wondering why that happened? Obviously, the thumbnail would help click throughs so I’m kinda bummed about that.

    Thanks again,

  115. Hey Dan, I can’t wait to get this information. I know that proper link building is currently one of the most important factors in Google determining your authority. I look forward to your report.

  116. Hi Dan,

    I’d like you to talk about the things to keep in mind when trying to build links over time so it looks natural.

    Thanks for doing a great service for others thanks!!

  117. I’m totally new to the process of back linking so I don’t have a clue what questions to ask. I want to learn everything I can about how to do it effectively. I finally grasped the basics of keyword research and SEO so now I need to put it all together.

    I’m in the process of reading your SEO Fast Start book recommended by Lynn Terry so I’m sure whatever you put out on linking will be awesome.

  118. Hi Dan,

    You can feel free to delete this comment ones you’ve read and responded to it, but just wondering about the ppc fast start and when your going to move forward with that project? Also, just want to remind you of what you wrote above, ‘Please help me out if you can spare a few minutes… In return, I’ll make it worth your while. (Hint!)’ What do you mean, you’ll make it worth our while? we haven’t heard anything from you since we left our comments.



  119. First posts on will go up over the weekend.

    I’ve got a free video coming Monday with some of the new material from the course, and another surprise that, I’m sorry, I just gotta keep a surprise. :D

  120. I’m new to link building. The only thing that I’ve been doing is using an automatic program (like IBP) to send my URL out to the search engines. My questions are:

    – When I do this am I really getting any benefit, because I’m building so many links in one day which Google doesn’t like. Is this true?

    – Including the above method, I really need a quick way to build links. My head is spinning from all the info people tell you to do. Like submitting articles to directories, bookmark at social sites, blog commenting etc… None of these ways are fast. Some are so time consuming that I don’t even bother. I need a quicker way to build links that won’t charge me an arm or leg. Sure you can pay per link or subscribe to a link membership site, but who can afford them?
    I need help.

    – Can you discuss when you should put an anchor in?

    – I can’t seem to increase my Page Rank. Can you help with this.

    Thanks :)

  121. Knowing the most effective practices to teach link building staff/outsourcers and have implemented by them.

  122. Hi,

    Sorry I forgot to mention something that is extremely important to me. I want to know how to get DEEP LINKS !!! It’s always the home page that gets the link. How can we consistently get deep links without spending all the time we have on link building?

    Thanks again!

  123. If I want to build something like a Squidoo lens to link to my site, is it better to have a bigger lens that covers the different categories on my site and just link to different pages in the same lens, or should I have separate lenses?

  124. personally i am still struggling with internal link building, and how to “Map” my website. i know you have talked about it in Stomping the search engines 2.0 but i still think a step by stem system will be a great thing for everyone

  125. This is about your squeeze page at

    Please stop using those stupid javascript “fill in the form fields with default text” functions; they break roboform, and i’m tired of sites that do this for no good reason. I’m actually clever enough to figure out that the form field labeled “name” is where i’m supposed to put my name, and also what I should put in the one labeled “email”, and I’d be willing to bet that almost everyone else that ends up on your squeeze page is, too. Besides, if you’d just put a normal form on that page, I wouldn’t have had to think about it; I could have clicked a single button on roboform and been done with it.

    And please don’t squeeze me when you have nothing to offer in return for my information (which you already had, btw); if the pdf and video aren’t going to be released for another few days, then your squeeze page shouldn’t be released yet, either. The expectation is that, when I fill in your form (which you made extra-difficult, as I already mentioned), I get the special prize; when you make me fill out the form (especially when you make it extra-difficult to do) and don’t give me the special prize, I feel disappointed. Why do you want me to feel disappointed? What if I am not someone who already believes that the content will be worth it once it arrives?

  126. My #1 major problem in link-building. Writing that 1 perfect link-begging template that incorporates these elements.

    1. writing that email to ask them to do a review, or link directly to us.

    2. if they don’t agree, then suggest a link exchange, stating the benefits of sharing niche links, and our domain age

    3. If they further don’t agree, follow up email asking for possible link placement for $X.XX

    Writing them are easy, but copywriting that link request email, is a work of art in itself… I don’t know how to tweak it best.

  127. @Alonso,

    If you are already an SEO Fast Start subscriber, there’s no need to subscribe to that list. I put the page up early, because some friends wanted to let people know about it and they needed to mail that day.

    So, I’m very sorry that in trying to help them out, I didn’t consider your personal desire for instant gratification. Apparently waiting a few days removes the value of my work entirely.

    I’m sorry that common Javascript I used, which helps the majority of users fill out forms correctly, doesn’t work with whatever software you have chosen to install on your computer. You spent more keystrokes on your complaint than you could possibly have spent on the form.

    I’m not going to stop using that Javascript because it’s worth a good 10-15% increase in the number of successful form submissions.

    It’s always good to know that giving away lots of my work for free is appreciated. Do us both a favor – find the unsubscribe link and click it.

  128. Dan,
    I am sure you have things to say that will help clarify the confusion about the NoFollow tag.

    It seems that Matt Cutts threw in a twist at SMX this week & now, I am more confused than I was as to when or if I should use the Nofollow on links that are on my own site.

    As for Alonso’s comment to you,
    Please don’t let one whiny ass spoil it for the rest of us. I happily filled out the form with no problem without any special software to spell my name or email.

    Thank you!

  129. Thanks, Sheryl.

    Having lost a full day and change to tech stuff and SMX stuff, the schedule looks like this:

    1. Release the leverage engine blueprint to ALL subscribers tomorrow
    2. Get a post up with some actual data on what different “nofollow has changed” look like including the most likely scenario in which nothing changes – Monday
    3. Class outline and signup for the free session – next week Thursday…ish.

  130. Hey Dan;

    I am so looking forward to the time I can save with the link building info you are working on. It looks like the free line just moved up a bit higher!


  131. Hope I don’t disappoint you, Jim – although I am giving away a bunch of free information here, including my book, the Link Liberation training program is going to cost some money.

  132. Dan,
    Although I’ve read various link building strategies, all seem to have the same ‘easy’ adjective associated with it and my own experience hasn’t been quite so easy. A link building system with a honest appraisal of the ease of completing it would be incredible. For instance I submitted to DMOZ six months ago and still haven’t seen any evidence that I got a link. Surely there’s a better way.


  133. DMOZ is broken, Bill – it’s basically anarchy over there. The way I handle it is that I just do a light rewrite of my Yahoo directory listing, submit it to DMOZ, and forget about it.

  134. Dan. My biggest hurdle in link building learning to prioritize. Since time is our most valuable asset, how do I know which link building method will I get the best ROI w/o testing?

    In your new course, it would help immensely if you can spell out a step by step method so that we are proceeding in the right direction with the most ROI for our efforts.

    Thanks much.

  135. Nice to see you here, Dave –

    There are a lot of ‘step by step’ methods in the course, what I think will be most important for you to accomplish that objective, will be to pay special attention to the two modules that talk about market research and planning.

    It never ceases to amaze me how even Internet marketers don’t really know much about the community they’re involved with.

    Thanks much right back – you just gave me a great topic for my first “Link Liberation” newsletter. :D

  136. Hey Rob, I been mostly horizontal for a couple days – tweaked my back hauling the luggage in the house.

    I just emailed the Link Liberation mailing list, and I have another link going out to SEO Fast Start subscribers in the morning.

    Wanted to push that out tonight but it’s time for another muscle relaxer and my doctor said not to email under the influence.

    The rest of the schedule is pretty much set – the first class session (on how search engines see links) will be next Thursday, June 18, at 3pm Eastern

    Every subscriber gets to attend that one on the house, then we’ll open up the doors (and the shopping cart) for registration in the Link Liberation training program.

    I can’t wait to get started. :D

  137. Hi Dan

    Hope your back gets better soon.

    Seen the new vid now, very interesting! Glad i hadn’t missed anything

    Look foward to signing up :)


  138. HiDan, I work two jobs, my day job and my night time websites. I just never have the time to concentrate on social media and all the things I know I should. I would love a list of the very best directories to submit to, a list of good out sourcing places for finding the right people to do it for me, that I know will understand what they need to do and do it. I don’t have enough know how to do it myself so step by step instructions, assumming we know nothing would be extremely helpful.
    Thankyou for all your great advice, I watch everything I can from you guys at Stompernet.


  139. Thanks for taking the time to reply, Dan, I appreciate it. I apologize that my writing is not clear to you (English is actually my second language). I only thought to provide you with feedback on two problems that I found with using your squeeze page.

    I confess to being surprised by your reaction to my comment: I would not have wasted my time or yours writing what I did merely to be “one whiny ass” as my fellow subscriber describes me. Perhaps my lack of skill in written English is responsible for this.

    Further, I did not say your work was worthless because it was delayed; in fact, I said that I was one who believes that your content will be worth it once it arrives. I’m a bit puzzled that you would take this feedback in such a negative way.

    I don’t know if I will look for that unsubscribe button just yet, but I will surely not post my comments to your blog any more. I would like to pose this rhetorical question, however: if your subscribers don’t mention when they have troubles with your pages, how will you know to fix them?

  140. Hey Dan,
    Guess I’m a little late to the party? I was given the wrong address? Just like in High School. Hold on, let me grab a tissue………..ok, I’m back. My wife always accuses me of being to early? WTF, I just can’t win.
    I assume you already have your course set up, but what the hell…here it goes. Videos, videos and more videos, me loves the videos…and the drinky, but that’s for another day. But really, I learns much better with videos. Those 3$ words can be tricky to read. My vote would also to be…to skip the real basic stuff and go for meat and potatoes, making the assumption that most of your customers have been playing with seo for a few years, or, are self proclaimed geniuses like myself, and have acquired a robust knowledge of seo in the past 6 months. In either case, I don’t think that a whole lot of total neophytes…will be ponying up 800 bones for an seo course. Although, I suppose you know your potential customers better than me or anyone else, so I reckon you know best. I am probably just being selfish, you know…not wanting to waste 5 minutes of my time reading on something that I might already know. Now that I think about?? Why the hell am I writing this? You have probably already done your course outline, you know your customer base better than me, you know the best and most efficient way to get mass amounts of links, and get a site up in the serps. You don’t need my input.
    Ok, my new suggestion is this– Use your discretion…I trust you implicitly.
    Oh, I saw thousands of tweets that said you were doing a real special payment plan…..of $1 a week for 800 weeks.
    It was dubbed the “I ain’t got a job- liberation payment plan”. I don’t know, but its all over the internet.
    Sorry buddy, but after watching your video…I became inspired. LOL
    Thank you,

  141. Hi Dan

    Before I sign up to your Liberation I was wondering if you could answer a nagging question of mine?

    I am in the UK and work shifts so not available at the time you send out the class. Is it recorded video so am able to watch when I get home?

    Many Thanks


  142. Kara, if you are a paid ($797/mo) member, you will have login access to my portal to watch the videos via your Stomper login, and you already have a lot of access to me (forums, faculty office hours) for questions.

  143. Well, I did it Dan. I signed up. I’m so excited. I actually wasn’t going to do your program thinking…well, what more could I learn. Then your recent Eric video cleared that point up pretty much.

    Just so you know, the other things that stood out for me that helped make my decision was that the class size is small. I liked that. And, you were pretty clear how much time I need to devote to it. I like these clear expectations and the way you’ve structured it.

    I guess the other thing and this is kinda funny and shows how the brain works. Your sales page was pretty lackluster in my view. I almost needed the excitement of a sales page that gets me over the hump of going to the shopping cart – that’s a right brain thing. One the other hand, my left brain knows you and knows you are a guy with a lot of integrity who respects your audience…a kinda “diamond in the rough” for those with discriminating tastes.

    I look forward to the course.

    P.S. I hope you’re not thinking I’m brown-nosing the teacher here.

  144. Thanks a lot Dan. I’ve been your student since 2006 and I do want to thank you for what you have done for me! I fumbled around online for a few years before that doing ecommerce, building websites, even a social network and a home improvement lead matching system. Technology is me background and I have a computer science degree. But basically my experience being TRULY successful was that of a blind man looking for a needle in a hay stack on a football field. But let me tell you — what you guys did for me in your link building and SEO classes was the equivalent of taking the blind fold off, tell me WHERE the needle is and giving me a MAP of EXACTLY how to find it. 3 years late, I have quit my job, have my own company, bought a huge house, currently operate and manage over 6 websites each doing exceptionally well, I’ve started a wholesale dropship business and employ 4 people. I am a 32 year old female and do this all from my home while taking care of my 2 year old baby. So for all you doubters out there, Dan does not PERSONALLY know me, he didnt ask me for a testimonial and I’ve never actually met him face to face (although I’ve been to his seminars!). My point is, if you listen, apply yourself and follow through, you CAN and WILL succeed using Dan’s methods and his strategies. I’ve always wanted to thank you Dan for what you’ve given me and my daughter because without you I would probably still have the blind fold ON! :)) so, THANK YOU!

  145. Have not done ANY link building. Working right now on content and site building. Am slowly building a good community on Facebook and making inroads on Twitter. Can those help with linkbuilding? I also plan to write articles, probably for Will that help with links, too?

  146. I’m sure that the opportunity has past, but I’m going to ask anyway.

    I’m almost done reading SEO Fast Start 2009 and my question is about internal linking and blogs. We’ve been told that having a website build on a blog platform such as WordPress instead of static html, is a great way to get rank in the search engines.

    My questions are, is that assessment correct? And how do I incorporate the pyramid and anchor texts within a blog structure? Are the ‘related post’ plugins accomplishing the pyramid or do I need to do something else?

    – Jeffery

  147. I struggle with deciding where to spend my time to get the biggest bang for every minute. PR is important for SEO, but what about considering the quality of traffic that might come from a lower PR site and yet convert better.

  148. I would like to know what do you recommend to properly determine which additional links to acquire while looking at the backlinks report on Yahoo? I understand that the links are reported by Yahoo determines the strength. I’m also referring to acquiring links from the same and similar domains, just different pages. I would also like to know the same thing while considering the competitors backlink report.

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