Google Reveals A Little More…

In a recent post on his blog, Matt Cutts of Google made a few nice points, and linked to an article from the New York Times, where they gave a reporter quite a bit of access.

Although it’s not really news to SEOFS readers, it was quite interesting nonetheless. Actual Google employees discussing the “reordering” of search results, and some of the factors that might be involved. Well worth the time it takes to read, for all of us.

For registered subscribers, I am sending out the link for week 1 of the link building course in just a few minutes, so look in your email.

4 thoughts on “Google Reveals A Little More…

  1. Hi Dan

    I have just downloaded your SEO 2007 Bible and will read through it in between being Jesus on a hill.

    That’s right, like you I believe in making websites work and their are too many people out there just doing ‘mechanics stuff’. In other words they are building sites and putting no effort into getting them found on search engines. The thing is there are many businesses just here in the UK alone putting their trust into people who will not deliver a website that is going to bring ROI.

    I am doing the rounds in Scotland right now delivering a multitude of seminars and workshops, encouraging business owners to come along and let me tell them about the ‘guru’s I believe in. So I am probably one of your desciples spreading the word.

    If you want to create some ‘global mini-dans’ then just wire me to your head and I will be you here in Scotland.

    Keep me on the list and happy to talk with you anytime.

    Give me a call if you ever get into the highlands of Scotland.


    Brian Mathers

  2. Hi Dan,
    I just wanted to say a huge thanks for the book SEO Fast Start.I’m halfway through reading it and feel a whole lot more confident to move on with my site. You could say I’ve been procrastinating on the site as I’ve been reading tons of e-books, reports etc and a lot of them seem to tell me to do the opposite than the last one I read which in turn has left me really confused (an almighty understatement!).To find your book was an absolute blessing! So thanks not only for the deucation but for the confidence to “move on”.

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