Free Camtasia Studio – Make your own screencast videos

Just saw this today… . Since we’ve got a video contest coming up, I thought you could all use a link to some free software. :D

Camtasia Studio 3, free:

No time to hunt down the original source, so Paul gets the link.

Camtasia Studio is the same software I use to make my own video trainings, like the free 6-week Link Building Clinic for registered subscribers.

BTW, quick tip… don’t try to record sound with a microphone plugged into a hardware audio jack.
Just about any USB mike (I use a Logitech gaming headset nowadays) will sound a lot cleaner.

3 thoughts on “Free Camtasia Studio – Make your own screencast videos

  1. Thanks Dan!

    I recently started my own little coaching program and started recording the calls with free conference call. I was just about to buy Camtasia. But now I have that for free too!



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