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Why am I giving something away, when I could easily sell it? Because the world needs this, and I can afford it. I like to share my success with others, and help them achieve great results for themselves. Giving SEO Fast Start away also helps to inoculate people against the bad information that’s so rampant on the web today.

So is this diabolical plan to help people actually working? I think so… As of April 5, 2010, over 50,000 people have downloaded SEO Fast Start. If you’re reading it, then yes, it’s working!

Why should you register?

Well for starters, I can’t send you updates if you don’t! SEO doesn’t change at lightning speed, but it does change, and you need to be informed. I’m also offering you some nice extra benefits for registering, just because I can.

Our first member bonus is a six-week video course on link building (it’s already online) – the live version cost $700 a seat, but you get it for free. You’ll also receive my free newsletter by email. Just use the form below for immediate access. I value your privacy, and I won’t give away or sell your email address.

Finally, and this is the best part – we now have a private “members-only” site (also free), that was launched on May 1, 2008 – we’ve already got over 4,000 members, and the discussion forums are going strong. It’s “invitation only,” and you have to get the newsletter to get an invitation.

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So what’s the catch? Why is the world’s best SEO book*** completely free? Although I’m not charging any money for it, I still want something from you. I want you to join our community, read my book, watch my video classes, and spread the word. If you like the book, then tell people about it. That’s the catch.

***If you don’t agree that this is the best SEO book available, feel free to ask for a refund.