Digg THIS, Digg.

The DiggBar.

Not much to say about this lame idea, that hasn’t already been said, except this.

If you don’t like what Digg is doing:

Stop Using Digg.

I did. It was easy to stop using Digg, easy to stop reading whatever they think is important, and simple to withdraw all support.

The Digg button is removed from my blog.

Rather than try to block this one lame framing scheme, Framebusting code has been on my site for ages – there’s no reason anyone needs to frame my site without my permission.


P.S. Anyone who would like permission to frame my content should submit their requests via the Home Office at the North Pole.

5 thoughts on “Digg THIS, Digg.

  1. Hey Dan,

    I hadn’t been to Digg for a while but was surprised to see the framing action. Seems a bit cheap to me.

    Just getting into all you info on nofollow to improve internal PR distribution, there’s loads of info here!


  2. I have only been using Digg for indexing stuff – used to work pretty fast. When I read your post I thought it would be ironical if it did get dugg – even went to check it but no it didn’t :-)

  3. Hey Dan, Couldn’t find a really good place to ask this so I’ll ask it here.

    It’s about a domain with 20 sites on it from 5-15 pages. Overall about 120 pages or so. Should there be one site map for each site on the domain or just one site map on the root of the domain?

    Should each site have it’s own contact, about and privacy page or just the ones on the root of the domain.

    While each site is a standalone site they are all semi related.

    I know either way will work, the question is what’s the best way to handle this?

    BTW, I’ve been using frame breakers for 10 years now. All it takes is once having content in a frame on someone elses site. Lost sales, lost PR and lost time.


  4. @ Dan Hughes, no but the area code is 911. :D

    @ Master Mind – if you mean XML sitemaps, I think they would have to be separate for each subdomain.

    If you’re talking about an HTML site map for a 15 page site, I’m not sure why you’d bother. The home page makes a pretty good site map. If you want to link the subdomains together, that’s pretty much as good, no?

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