Dan's Picks for 05-04-2008

 It’s been a while… here’s what I’ve been reading:

Best of the week: The SEO Guide to Information Architecture, by Adam Audette
Goes a little farther than I would into the whole theme concept, which is a fine way to look at site structure but pretty meaningless for SEO.

Darned good, from April 16: Wake up, real estate bloggers, there is no money in the long tail of search for niche blogs so stop chasing it by Mary McKnight
Close to a rant, but just this side of the fence. Mary writes mainly for realtors, but this is good perspective for all of us.

Best of the rest…

Web 2.0 Expo – Creating a Social Strategy
Lee Oden
referencing Josh Bernoff and Charlene Li of Forrester (authors of Groundswell)

Economies of scale in the very personal groundswell
Josh Bernoff

Social technology marketers bullish in face of recession
Josh Bernoff

Targeting Conversions and Traffic with Long Tail Writing
Jennifer Laycock

7 Habits Of Incredibly Effective Bloggers
Sarah McHarry

Some Thoughts on SEO Ethics:  Matt McGee, Michael Gray, Jeff Quipp, Jim Hedger and more

The Web Developer’s SEO Cheat Sheet
Danny Dover

Google Leaks Quality Score Variables (Pscore, mCPC and thresh) in Search Results
Eric Lander

Blogger’s to do checklist before hitting the publish button
Jennifer Slegg

Twitter Wrote This Column For Me
Chris Winfield

How to Analyze Your Site with Del.icio.us
Ann Smarty

Holy Mother of Linkbait
Jane Copland

How to get your Blog Traffic to Convert in 5 Easy Steps
Jennifer Osborne

Why Microsoft + Yahoo! makes sense – and why it won’t work (Deal’s off, BTW…)
Charlene Li

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