Dan Thies. Live. Dallas/FtWorth. October 20&21. Are You In?

OK, folks… here’s the deal. I have a tentative reservation for meeting space, but I need to make a commitment on the space this week to lock it in. I need to make sure the room is big enough. I won’t go over 60 attendees no matter what, because I want to be able to interact with everyone.

So, I need to ask for a quick show of hands…

Assuming that the cost is reasonable (under a thousand for sure), would you be likely to attend my live 2-day seminar in October?

If you need to know more about it before you can decide, that’s cool – let me know what your questions are.

Right now it’s shaping up as a day of SEO, and a day of link building & promotion tactics, with a lot of time to look at individual web sites and work together on specific actions that you can take home with you.

32 thoughts on “Dan Thies. Live. Dallas/FtWorth. October 20&21. Are You In?

  1. I’m in, I’m in, I’m in!

    Really looking forward to this. Nothing short of pure disaster would hold me back.

  2. I would definitely be interested… Would love to put the cuddly but dangerous SEO Dan the Man in a headlock and get some answers out of him LOL :)!!!!

  3. Definitely interested in your Seminar! Would like to bring the wife if the price is right? She takes much better notes than I do… my handwriting is worst than a doctors :)

  4. Matt, I’ll help you hold him down if you can grill Dan for everything he knows. Headlock does sound interesting though … we can always try both. Yes, count me in.

  5. Dan,
    I’d love to come. Recently moved to Katy and would definitely make the trip.

    Please keep me posted on details.

    Ben W

  6. Here is a possibility. What if I could get the Greater Dallas Association of Realtors to agree to let us use their facilities at Stemmons in Dallas. They could turn us down but on the other hand they might jump on it. We would have access to good facilities for everything and they even have a lot of setup already done. Let me know Monday if that would appeal at all and I would check it out.

    They might even cut you a deal if you gave a talk on web placement, etc. and do it for a very minimum amount of money.
    It would certain get you immediate attention if it appealed to them. the collin countyr Board of realtors also would easily hold 60. It would probably not be as great as the site in Dallas but we have certainly had web demonstrations there.

  7. Marguerite, I’d consider alternatives but I don’t want to go too far from the airports, and it has to be convenient for out of town visitors. Most attendees will be staying overnight so a hotel location makes more sense to me.

  8. Ditto to that. I will be flying in from Nashville and the closer to the airport the better. I would love to see some sights but I am thinking there will not be much time for that over the weekend.

  9. Don’t know if you wanted us to chime in twice, but seeing as though a show of hands was requested in the latest newsletter, well, hand raised high. I’m still in!

  10. Hi Dan!

    It was very nice meeting you at Stompernet! Mark and I are interested in coming but we need to know where to sign up and the cost. Please advise so we can register.


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