SEO Fast Start – 2009 Edition Released!

After many edits, re-edits, changes, un-changing the changes, well… you get the idea… I am happy to present the 2009 edition of SEO Fast Start – grab it from the download page!

Minor changes in the Keyword Strategy chapter. Significant updates in the Site Structure chapter.

I will be doing a free webinar this Wednesday evening to discuss the changes – get on the SEO Fast Start newsletter/mailing list to get an invite.

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Redoing My Link Building Course – Need Your Help

When I offered my first online link building course in 2005, I was expecting it to be pretty popular, but it turns out that I *badly* underestimated the demand.

In fact, it was a runaway success.

Almost as soon one 8-week course finished, another group would come in and sell out the next session. It took 7 months for things to calm down.

Since then, thousands of people have seen the “best of” videos – but nobody has been able to get the entire course.

I get asked about it all the time – “Dan, when are you going to do another link building class?”

Well, after months of preparation, I am ready to do another one – but I want to make sure that I’m not leaving anything out.

One of the students back in 2006 said I’d “put together all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle” for them, and I wouldn’t want to do any less this time around.

Please help me out if you can spare a few minutes. In return, I’ll make it worth your while. (Hint!)

All you have to do is post your comments below – on the biggest questions, problems, and challenges you have with link building.

Dan Thies. Live. Dallas/FtWorth. October 20&21. Are You In?

OK, folks… here’s the deal. I have a tentative reservation for meeting space, but I need to make a commitment on the space this week to lock it in. I need to make sure the room is big enough. I won’t go over 60 attendees no matter what, because I want to be able to interact with everyone.

So, I need to ask for a quick show of hands…

Assuming that the cost is reasonable (under a thousand for sure), would you be likely to attend my live 2-day seminar in October?

If you need to know more about it before you can decide, that’s cool – let me know what your questions are.

Right now it’s shaping up as a day of SEO, and a day of link building & promotion tactics, with a lot of time to look at individual web sites and work together on specific actions that you can take home with you.

Ch-Ch-Changes… For The Better?

Our Community Is Strong!

SEO Fast Start 2007 has been out for 2 full months now… and our community has grown a lot. These are exciting times for me… but I still look at the portal, and the new subscriber numbers, and say… "is that the best we can do?" And the answer is clear – we can do a lot better. We can grow a lot faster. But I need to do my part.

SEOFS 1.0: A Good Experiment – With Conclusive Results

The diagram below represents what I call "version 1.0" of the SEO Fast Start web site.


As you can see, the "home page" of the domain has been a short "sales letter" to promote opt-in registration to receive SEO Fast Start. Those who opt in get access to SEO Fast Start and subscriber bonuses through my newsletter.

Even with testing & tweaking, the response rate on that page hasn’t been great. The support portal hasn’t remained a "members only" area, because I don’t want to put up a login wall, and people are linking in. Hey, it’s the web, that’s what we do!

This is, to be honest, about what I expected… but it’s important to me to get people registered so they can get updates. While the core strategies of SEO don’t really change much over time, a lot of important tactical details really do move at a faster pace, and those who aren’t well informed often make major mistakes.

The Definition Of Insanity: "Continuing to do the same thing, while expecting different results."

 I want to get different (better) results, so I need to make some changes… and here’s the plan for version 2.0:

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