Adwords for eCommerce Training w/ Dan Thies

How would you like to sell more of your products via Adwords? Have your product listing campaigns fallen flat, or even lost money? Are your keywords getting “too competitive?” Unsure how to handle the transition to “Enhanced Campaigns” – and how that will affect your profits?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, this course will help you grow your business by selling more of what you sell, more often.

Some campaigns will only need a few simple tweaks, and others will need a complete overhaul, but you can absolutely improve your results in a hurry.

This course consists of 6 weeks of core training on using Google Adwords to drive sales for ecommerce stores, with additional training provided on using Facebook advertising in the 7th week.

Space is very limited, and time is a factor. Because of the high level of personal interaction, I have to keep the number of participants small. Most of the seats in this workshop will be taken up by private clients, so that leaves us with only 9 seats available as of April 23.

Class begins Thursday, May 2, from 3pm-4:30pm US Eastern time, with sessions each week:

  • Week 1: A Simple System for Selling Products through Adwords (Thursday, May 2)
  • Week 2: Product Feeds & Product Listing Ads (Thursday, May 9)
  • Week 3: Dimensional Analysis & Optimization (Tuesday*, May 14)
  • Week 4: Adwords Enhanced Campaigns & Ad Extensions (Thursday, May 23)
  • Week 5: Search & Display Advertising for eCommerce
  • Week 6: Improving Landing Pages & Conversion
  • Week 7: Forbidden Secrets of Facebook Advertising

Be prepared to get engaged – ask questions – and above all – implement the necessary changes in your campaigns and on your web site. Google Product Listing Ads in particular should be a significant source of profit in your business, and if that’s not the case today, we need to fix it.

We’re starting out with just 9 open seats as of April 23 2 1 open seat SOLD OUT as of April 25, so if you want to sell more products through Adwords, I would encourage you to sign up now email and let me know, so you can get first crack at it next time.

Option 1: Full Course with Group Coaching – $795.00

Register Now – $795 includes 7 live classes, all associated course materials, including video and audio recordings of all training sessions, plus transcripts.


Option 2: Full Course with Group Coaching Plus One-On-One – $1495.00

Register Now for course plus one-on-one coaching – $1495 includes all of the above plus two one-on-one coaching sessions.


2 thoughts on “Adwords for eCommerce Training w/ Dan Thies

  1. This one has sold out – sorry. I may do another session in a bit, so if you’re interested in this do let me know.


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