Free Webinar: The 3 Things Most SEOs Get Wrong

Leslie Rohde and I have been working together as StomperNet faculty members since, well, since we were asked to join as the first two members of the faculty, back in 2006.

Last month, at StomperNet’s “Live 8″ seminar, we did a 90-minute presentation from the stage along with Jerry West, where we answered the worst, messiest, toughest questions submitted by the attendees.

The questions were great, and the answers were sometimes hilarious. But there are a few important questions that deserved a follow-up with more detailed responses.

This Wednesday, September, 16th, Leslie and I will be holding a free follow-up webinar called:

The 3 things most SEOs get wrong… and how to get ‘em right!
Wednesday, September 16, 2009 @ 6pm Eastern (US)
Register at

After you register, we’ll give you immediate access to both the “SEO Triple Threat” video recording, as well as my Day 3 closing keynote, “the six things you must know to survive online marketing.

What’s the SEO BrainTrust? We’ll let you know Wednesday evening.


PS – The SEO BrainTrust is now live and open for new members – click here to learn more and sign up.

12 thoughts on “Free Webinar: The 3 Things Most SEOs Get Wrong

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  2. Hi Dan,

    seen a number of your video’s and thanks again for a lot of the tips in there. Certainly a close follower of your stuff from now on.

    AS you do a lot of consulting for bigger sites what is the Best way to start a SEO engagement for a large existingsite?
    Like what are the top 5 things you do?


  3. Have to admit a lot of SEOs get things wrong simply because they think they’re SEOs and their not. Being proficient at the art and science of SEO requires on going practice of the craft and keeping up on current SEO events. Heaven knows there’s a lot to master and things are always changing to some degree.

  4. Looks like you have been hacked or you have a dishonest employee or you’ve turned to selling your email address list to spammers.

    I’ve received 2 pieces of spam on the address I use for your emails. I know this because I allocate a separate disposable email address for each registration I do.

    This is the spam mail I received today:
    Ref: N1P-K3-u53APP3

    Subject: Your life won’t bring you anything positive until your nights won’t bring you satisfaction!
    Date: 20 Jul 2009 00:46
    Reply to:
    To: xxxxx



    So how do I change my email address here?

    • Jojo,

      It looks like Aweber has been hacked – every one-off email address I’ve used to subscribe to anyone’s Aweber list is getting the same spam email, looks like it started yesterday.

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