Speaking @ SMX Advanced on June 3

I’m speaking at SMX Advanced
It’s been a while since I’ve spoken at a search marketing conference. Like, a couple years I think. But I am coming out of the “shell” at SMX Advanced to talk about advanced pay-per-click strategies for the “Amazing PPC Tactics” session.

As is always the case with conference sessions – I have to cram a whole bunch of content into a very short speaking slot, because there will be 3 or 4 other people there dishing out killer PPC tactics as fast as they can.

For a StomperNet Live event, where I usually get to deliver 75-90 minutes to several hundred people, it’s easy to prepare a presentation. I don’t know if it was Mark Twain or not – somebody put it better than I can once upon a time – but the shortest presentations require the greatest preparation.

Too bad that doesn’t apply to Twitter posts. Anyway, I could use a little help from my readers in narrowing down (or broadening if necessary) the scope of this presentation.

I’d love to hear your suggestions on topics, or knotty PPC problems that could really use an amazing tactical solution, in the comments below.

Digg THIS, Digg.

The DiggBar.

Not much to say about this lame idea, that hasn’t already been said, except this.

If you don’t like what Digg is doing:

Stop Using Digg.

I did. It was easy to stop using Digg, easy to stop reading whatever they think is important, and simple to withdraw all support.

The Digg button is removed from my blog.

Rather than try to block this one lame framing scheme, Framebusting code has been on my site for ages – there’s no reason anyone needs to frame my site without my permission.


P.S. Anyone who would like permission to frame my content should submit their requests via the Home Office at the North Pole.